3 Extremely Important Steps To Starting Up An Enterprise

starting an enterprise

Hello reader! Have you thought about a business plan, but don’t know how exactly to go about it?! Guess what! you’ve just stumbled upon the right article. Today we freely offer you three vital steps to starting up your own biz!

You just chose a unique biz to go into? The big question is ” What Next?!…” Well here are three hints!


After getting a splufik biz idea, you need not just jump into action too soon. You need to take your time to suck in as many info as possible, that has to do with your line of business choice. You will be surprised at what you will discover! Read books, surf the internet. Look out for those icons that have prevailed in your chosen line of business.

Learn from their mistakes and be inspired by their success stories. Also find out if anyone might have picked the same business name as yours or have an exact brand/marketing strategy of what you aim at selling either services or products. If so, see how you can make yours stand out and Be Better!

All business ideas need to be researched on, from hair making to food biz. Do your know that research is power! It helps you to always be a step ahead of your business counterparts. Well now you know! Get started and have fun researching!


After you have made proper research on your business choice, then you should begin considering a budget outlook.

I’m guessing by this time you have already drafted a list of all the Necessities you’ll be needing for your awesome business startup. Having done that! It’s time you go in search of the best(cheapest) possible market-place you could get these product(s) or equipment(s) from. Eventually, it will be at your advantage and profit. Remember the cheaper the investment the greater the profit.

And if unfortunately you find out that your intended capital can’t be wrapped around your list of business needs, then it’s time to make some crazy “slim fitting”. draw out another list, only this time, in an order of importance. Think carefully of what could be substituted or done without for the main time. For example: you might decide to use the internet to market and sell your goods/services before finally getting an official shop/office. So you could shift the shop/office renting expenses down the list, Which in turn makes money available to other more important business needs.

Budgeting helps you estimate your future income and efficiently manage your resources. More so, it could be somewhat fun.


Congratulations! You have now gotten all you need for your enterprise to kick off. It’s now time to put yourself(brand) out in the Market. But how exactly can you go about this???!!!

Easy! Just talk to someone. There’s nothing more effective than local marketing! always carry a sample or flyer of your goods/products with you anywhere and everywhere. Business talks could sprout out in the most unexpected places, so you should be prepared to talk about your business at all times.

As long as you know what you are selling is credible you should be confident in presenting it to people. Remember you are the boss! No one can advertise your products/services better than you :

Marketing can be challenging when you have no clue of your target audience. Who’s in need of your products and services?

Well, If you sell some uniquely branded baby diapers, then your target audience should be dominantly pregnant women or nursing mothers.

If you so happen to be not much of a spokesman, then you could design attractive fliers, both hard and soft copies, to distribute physically and promote digitally. And if you have the money, you could advertise on billboards, newspapers, do TV commercials and radio broadcasts. And if you have even more money available to invest, you could pay a trusted advertising agency to do all the running around for you while you rest on your exquisite sofaH. owever the case may be, it’s all about getting your product(s)/service(s) out there.

I really hope I’ve been able to motivate you with this article.

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By  Osas Eriyo

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    • Henry Ibeleme

      There are lots of businesses Peter.. Thousands of them.. Go through this blog, a business will definitely catch your fancy.. Every business has the potential tø make you fianancially buoyant.

      Good luck.

  1. Jonathan Ezra

    Well if there’s someone whom through ur post has a good job doing right now den plz I need help right now seriously,am not getting any younger nd Av got alot of responsibilities to carter for. I sincerely came here looking for how to b a Gboy bt u toyed with ma expectations am disappointed though bt at d same time ur a life saver u just reminded me dat ma conscience is too low to b good at dis yahoo business so I need help with a legitimate job plz am in Abuja anyone from here plz rescue me plz oo!!,


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