Your Greatest Limitation To Success Is Your Mind

 Freedom of mind

About 5 years ago, I met a young man in a seminar that I attended. I’m not usually observant in such social gathering, but I couldn’t help but notice a young man across the room, looking so dejected and broken, like he was living for nothingness in life. I felt so drawn to him, like I have a part to play in his story. A burden suddenly rose inside of me, a burden to reach out and help this poor dying soul. The urge was so overwhelming that I couldn’t resist. My will to overlook and let go was crushed.

After much a battle, I stood up and went toward him.

I took the chair close to him, took a deep breath and without wasting a moment, i said,

“Can I borrow your pen please?”

For the first time since I saw him, I saw his eyes rose with a sparkle of light.

“Yes sir, I definitely do have a pen.”

He vigorously searched for the pen inside his bag and immediately he felt it, he beamed with a smile.

“Here sir…”

I smiled as I took the pen from his stretched hand.

“You just made a difference, son. A little difference is what the world needs from you.”

He froze at my statement, I could vividly recall his expression as if it was an event that happened yesterday. Before I could muster another word, rolls of tears were running down his cheek. He tried to speak, but he stuttered and gave up. He was convulsing deep inside and was trying so hard to bring himself under control.

I moved closer, threw my hands around his shoulder as he poured out all anxiety and pain that have been locked up for so long. After about thirty minutes, he was able to pull himself together and a story began.

He has been a graduate for over five years with no job and the expectations from friends and family was beyond what he could chew. He has done all manner of menial job but in the end, he seems to be running in circles, with no improvement whatsoever. In fact, he has reached the stage where he now blames some invisible forces.

I remember telling him,

“You are the captain of your ship. You are the man in control. You are the one who determines where your life goes. Stop dwelling in self-pity and get your ass up and work. If you don’t fight for what you want, you will be forced to accept whatever comes your way. The world was made by warriors, not slave. The only limitation you have is your mind. There’s no bad luck around you. There are no forces after you. The only one that can stop your dream is YOURSELF. Acquire a skill, start up something. Don’t belittle little beginnings because a monster seed has the potential to become a giant. Walk through life with purpose and expectation of good, and you’ll attract goodness to yourself.”

I poured out everything inside of me because if I don’t, I will never be contented.

Just a month ago, I met him and guess what, he already have a booming block industry business in Lagos with a house and a car to match. How did it happen? According to him, he worked on his mind and the rest became history.

The human mind is a powerful machine. A tool, if wrongly used can spell disaster to the bearer. Your mind is a garden, whatever you plant, you end up reaping. Whatever you focus on expands. To attain a stage where money is longer a need, you have to do away with the entitlement mentality, a mentality that the government, your friends or parents owe you a better life.

You have to train your mind to always dwell on the positive. Remember, whatever you focus on expands. When you dwell on negativity, the universe will have no choice but to bring your worst nightmare to play. Whatever you send out; must returns in folds. It’s a universal law.

I hear people say,

“I will never be rich. I’m just unlucky.

Who said you can’t be rich? Why do you believe that a better life is an impossible feat?

If there’s one thing that I have learned over the years, it’s that we create our own reality. Your world becomes what you envision it to be. Please dear, if you really want to be happy and fulfilled, start with your mind.


The only monster standing in your way of success is your limited mind. Break that barrier. Stop dwelling on the negative. The moment you start seeing how beautiful life is, it becomes beautiful. It’s all in your mind.

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