Which Business Will You Like To See Here?

which business WIL you like to see here

Hi wonderful reader,

I have been scratching my head all night and yet, I’m unable to come up with a topic. I have lots of business ideas that needs to be written. I mean, lots of them, but I honestly don’t even know where to begin. So, I’ve decided to ask: Which business do you think I should write on? Which business is booming out there that people are making money from? If I can get your input and suggestions, it will surely guide me into writing our next article.

Please use the comment box. I’m waiting to hear that idea.

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2 Replies to “Which Business Will You Like To See Here?”

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello namesake. I will surely write on this. I have got lots of mails already, requesting for me to write how to publish on Amazon Kindle..

      Be here tomorrow..

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

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