When The Journey Starts Getting Hard And Depressing

When The Journey Starts Getting Hard And Depressing

Just yesterday, I was sitting alone in a lonely tree shad. The branches were so large and elastic that it could touch the ground, thereby shading me away from the scorching hot sun. The bird’s tweet filled my ear and for a moment, I felt an inner peace, a feeling that have been gone for so long.

Truth be told, I was depressed. I was depressed because I have to push myself harder than before. I was depressed because the calls were getting so overwhelming that somehow, I felt my aura have been infected. I was depressed because there are problems begging to be solved and loads of work to be taken care of. The road to success is so freaking depressing, so painful.

In that lonely moment under the tree, a sudden gentle breeze blew, blowing away anxiety and pain. My mind began to wander around great legends who left a mark in the history of man. They never had it easy. They dwelt many times in the ugly rut of intense depression that sometimes, they had to bulk a therapist to maintain a tiny fragment of sanity. They went through hell before they were able to behold their dream. They fought alone until they became The Star the world looks up to.

If there were people who went through a lot worst and yet, made it in life, why can’t I? Why do I have to give up? Why do I still feel as if I’m the only being on earth who have a huge pile of load on his shoulder? Does it mean I’m weak?

As I ask myself those questions, it became clear that I alone holds the key to my success in life. Only I detects what happens and what doesn’t. When something beyond our control surface, we have a choice, a choice of how to react to them. You can either act positively or otherwise.

Now you listen to me. You’re great. You’re awesome. You’ve all that you need to make it in life. You’ve all that is needed to make money, to have a good family, to discover your purpose in life. You have everything you need. Sometimes we dwell so much on what we do not have, thereby forgetting the little things in life that counts.

As I’m writing this article, I’ve got a lot going on in my life. It’s perfectly normal cause we’re humans and they are inevitable. What matters most is our attitude in the face of those crisis. Are you going to let it drown you or build you? You my dear friend have a choice to make.

Stop being depressed. Stop worrying. Instead, think of how to get better. What is that thing you need to do? What big decision needs to be made? Discover it and get it over with. It’s time to get up and starting working. It’s time to stop seeking for pity and get to work. If you want something out of life, you’ve got to go get it. Success is not given, it’s taken!

I was on phone a day ago, a reader called and he was crying. He wasn’t the first to cry on phone, so it wasn’t very strange to me. I listened as he poured out his heart. The expectations from friends and family was consuming him. The need to fit in, to be among. I have been down that road many times so I understood.

Life is not easy, but it’s fair. Yes! Life is fair. It gives to you what you plant. It gives to you your expectations. As long as you still breath, then you still have a chance to make something great out of life. Don’t give up.. Winners fails, but they don’t quit.

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