What To Do During This University Holiday

What to do during this university holiday

University holidays especially in Nigeria comes with lots of fun and adventure. Immediately the last examination paper for the semester have been dealt with, holiday plans starts to take its shape. Many undergraduates will plan on visiting an uncle or aunt in another state. Some other students  might consider getting a job.. However, there’s another percentage of individuals who don’t really know what to do, they seem confused on how to spend the long vacation. In this article, I am going to help out.

University summer holiday can take up to 3 months and honestly, it’s too much a time to waste doing nothing. You don’t need to stress your poor brain, trying to figure out what to do this summer. Allow me to take the wheel and guide you through.


1. GET A JOB –

If you’re the type that tends to struggle with finance on campus, probably because your sponsor isn’t that buoyant financially, then you can help ease the burden by getting a job. There are numerous jobs you can do as an undergraduate here in Nigeria. All you have to do is make up your mind.



There are centers that usually hold summer lessons for secondary and primary school students. Don’t always wait to see a vacancy before you can apply. You’d be surprised how desperate they need a teacher.


This is common and maybe the easiest to find. You can apply to work in restaurants, boutiques, supermarkets etc.. Any sales person vacancy on the street should be explored.

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You can take a job in a filling station. This job is very easy and fun. Not stressful at all.


When all the above jobs aren’t coming, you can actually start selling any product you feel is in demand. With a capital of N5000, you can start a vegetable, okro, snacks, mineral business etc.. All you need is to get a space in a major market and you’re good to go.


This brings cash but stressful. If you can do this, you’ll surely smile. This entails going for daily wage jobs like moulding blocks, serving or distributing. You can also pack sands and a trip is over N15,000. As a daily wager, you can make at least N2000 per day.


This is another opportunity you should consider. Visit the various car wash outlets, meet the right person and offer to work. Don’t meet workers please, they might not be happy with your application hence, discourage you and even lie that there’s no vacancy.


There are rich people around who have big houses and gardens. They might be looking for a house keeper. There’s no harm visiting and asking them for an employment. This is very lucrative.


If you can’t find offline jobs, then consider going online. You can be a freelance writer, YouTuber, blogger, information marketer etc.. Find the one that suits and kick forth immediately.

By engaging in most of these jobs, you gain experience and money to go back on campus with..


Another thing you can do during this holiday is to acquire a skill. It is very disheartening to note that most university undergraduates don’t have a computer skill at all. What if you utilize this holiday into learning it? This will certainly be the best decision.

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There as other skills to learn, you might consider learning a skill you’ve always loved and wish to do. It could be decorations, make-ups, web designing, writing etc.. It could be anything as long as it’s productive and can make a difference in the future.

When school is in session, the time to learn a vocation skill might be lacking. School holidays comes with such rare opportunity. Make use of it.


This can be a camp organised by your religious organization where you learn some moral values. Don’t shy away, it can be an awesome experience you will be glad you didn’t miss. Through camping, you make new friends which can be thrilling. Don’t forgetting that it’s healthy for your psychological well being.


You can choose to take your learning a little higher by attending summer classes as it relates to your course of study. This will help freshen you up upstairs and believe me, your coursemates and friends will feel the impact when you return.

This isn’t strictly on academic books. There are interesting books out there in the library or book shop that will build you wholely. Read as If your life depends on it.

Get a list of educative blogs like EntMirror and visit daily, you need to widen your horizon through reading..


You might want to travel out, to see your grandma, an uncle or maybe an aunt.

Traveling to interesting places, eating new foods, even learn a new language will be fun. The joy of traveling is immeasurable and if you’re one of these people who cherish such experience, you’ll certainly return to this blog to thank me. I can’t wait to read your experience.

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If you don’t  need a job, don’t want to go on a camp or travel out, then spend your holiday writing a book. Perhaps you’ve been reading books from numerous authors, now it’s the time to write yours. Don’t freak out, you’d be surprise on how amazing your voice emanates.

If you don’t want to stress yourself out trying to writing a story, then you can start a dairy. Document all your daily happenings and you’ll be amazed how beautiful every day seem. This will allow you the luxury of exploring a deeper part of who you are. You will get to know more about yourself.

There are lots of things to do during a holiday, discover them and have fun. It’s an adventure! How do you intend to spend yours?

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