What If I’m Getting It All Wrong As A Blogger?

What If I’m Getting It All Wrong As A Blogger?

I remember asking myself this question a year ago, “What if I’m making a mistake?” “What if there’s something my mentor isn’t telling me”. Well, I was indeed making numerous mistakes and as for my mentor, he poured everything he believed will help me in my path. Although I was clueless at times to even implement them.

I’m dedicating this article to all my students, those who are still struggling to make out something significant from their blog. Just recently, I saw the dashboard of one of my favorite student and I nearly wept. He was full of passion and energy, but why the low earning? He certainly was doing a lot of thing wrong. Was he? His blog is filled with awesome contents, beautiful design also. What then could he be doing wrong?

Let’s go back to the modern blog model I once talked about that made my path to success very glaring.

In the blogosphere today, you won’t make a dime if you still blog like one from 5 years ago. You need to blog like one who knows the intensity of the competition. There are millions of blogs on the worldwide web, fighting for the same spot, same conversion and same lead. If you blog like a monopolist, you won’t be able to make even $10 a month. The online world is war and you must be ready. It isn’t for the feeble mind.



Who are your readers? Where do they come from? What’s their gender? The information you give to this question will guide you into writing targeted contents that your ideal readers will be able to find on search engine. The narrower your target is, the better. Most mistakes bloggers make is trying to target a global audience when they can’t even beat some common Nigerian trashy blogs. It doesn’t work that way. You have to walk your way to the top.


When I started as a blogger, I was so engrossed with backlinks that within a week, I have written over 7 guest post to different bloggers in my niche, without disrupting my daily blog update. Although as time went, I wasn’t having the urge to continue. Nevertheless, you need to build a few backlinks with some blogs in your niche. Doing this will give search engines a green light that a new blog from a certain niche just got birthed. Don’t be ridiculous though to avoid getting penalized by Google.


It isn’t easy to remain consistent if you’re yet to start earning some bucks from your blog, that’s why it’s more important to have passion for the art before you delve in. blogging is a game of passion and business. You must have passion and also have a business inclined mind to make it big in this business.

Consistency entails creating as many contents as possible. If you have been an avid reader of this blog, you should see how passionate I am with bringing up business ideas to my readers. If time be on my side, I would have been posting more than one articles daily. The trick is simple, the more content you have, the more traffic you’ll be able to pull.


Blogging may not start feeding your whole village all at once, that’s why you’ll need a side hustle to help compliment your blogging biz. Remember, you need finance to stay online, you need finance to renew your hosting fee, you also need finance to do some maintenance or upgrades. If you don’t plan ahead toward how you stay blogging, you might find yourself quitting before you even blink an eyelid. What am I saying? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


I have a mentor, but everything he taught were things I already knew or had read from the web. You’re not an island. You can know everything as long as you have a smartphone that can surf the web. What baffles me most times is when blogger wannabes don’t even know how to seek for information online. If you can’t learn online, then you should do anything online cause you definitely won’t be a good teacher. Being a blogger means being a teacher.


One of the worst mistake you will make is being scared to make mistake. We all at some point in our journey made countless mistakes before we got to where we are. I haven’t arrived, I’m yet to even see the light at the end of the tunnel. What matters is taking the right steps. Progress is very important.

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