How To Start Video Game Center Business In Nigeria

video game center business

Don’t quit that Video Game Center Business initiative, if that is what you have in mind. Nigerians are game-loving people. We play indoor games, outdoor games, and video games too. People have different video game tastes. This liking (directly or indirectly) decides why there are different kinds of video games today.

This game enthusiasm or game spiritedness of Nigerians can and have been of tremendous business advantage to entrepreneurs who are looking for a viable business that can generate sordid income within ample time. That is why video game centre business continues to thrive in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

What is A Video Game Center?

A video game is where video games are played for a fee. Video Game centre business is big business these days. They are found almost on every street in Nigeria. Some of them have outdoor gaming facilities such as swimming pools, tennis court, Golf, etc. Others, however, simply focus on the provision of indoor games services.

Types of Video Games Nigerians Play

(1) Platform Video games (or platformers):

These have game-plays environments which are primarily centered around jumping and climbing to navigate one’s environment while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

(2) Shooter games (or simply shooters):

These have players which use arranged weapons to participate in the action from a predetermined at a distance.

(3) Sports games

These emulate the playing environments, structure, and functionalities of traditional physical sports. Some emphasize actually playing the sport (PES, RealFootball, Shaolin Soccer, FIF), while others emphasize the strategy behind the sport (RealFootball Manager, FIFA Manager etc ).

Profitability Outlook For Video Game Center in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Gameplay charges are served per set minutes. For instance, a 10-minutes play involving 2 players is charged an average of N100. So for every 10 minutes of play, N100 is generated. In one hour (60 minutes), 6 sets would have been completed, thus, making the business an average of N600.

Calculating this for a day, then a week, up to a month shows that indeed, there is a fortune in video game centre business in Nigeria.  The bigger your game center, the bigger your profits.

Market Demand & Competition Overview

There is a crazy, ready market for this business due to the millions of passionate Nigerian sports fans. This passion for football has given rise to the plurality of viewing centers, betting (online and offline) and video game centres  as well.

Today, game centres exist in almost every city in Nigeria. And as long as people are still passionate about games and sports, viewing centers and game centres will continually be an avenue to make money in Nigeria for those who will take the advantage. Interestingly, the business is moderately competitive.

Steps To Start A Video Game Center Business  in Nigeria

Want to start a Video Game Center today? Kindly follow the few steps below:

  1. Choose a Good Location: A well-located game center results in high patronage. Hence, get a location in an area domiciled by game-loving people.
  2. Get Open Indoor Space: This depends on your anticipated and actual daily customer influx..
  3. Get Television Sets: It is advisable to start with 4 standard quality TV sets. You can buy more as your finance increases.
  4. Get 3. Game Consoles: Four (4) set of video games to should service your four (4) TVs. These should be Sony play station 3 (PES 3) which costs about N60,000, totaling about N240,000. Then, download and install the games on the hard drive of the game system to avoid unnecessary expenditures on game Compact Discs (CDs) purchases.
  5. Get a standard Generator: This should be a moderate-size power generating set which will serve as an alternative power source whenever public power supply (PHCN) fails.
  6. Get chairs, tables, fans, lighting points, etc.


To help you run the game centre, two (2) staffs are ok to start with. These will help in the efficient operation of the business centre. They should be knowledgeable in the business and hospitable too. get a standby technician you could consultant should there be any equipment or power fault.


To effectively and efficiently market and boost the Profitability and sustainability of your Video Game Center Business in Nigeria, the following tips should suffice:

  1. Get an advertisement board in front of the location.
  2. Mount Signboards in a public place.
  3. Distribute Flyers and leaflet
  4. Use word-of-mouth approach.
  5. Etc.

For Profitability and Sustainability of this business in Nigeria,

  1. Keep your prices quite affordable to beat the competition
  2. Endeavour to deliver best-quality service to your customers.
  3. Create tournaments and competitions among your customers and offer prize gifts and awards to the winners.
  4. Cunningly Interview your customers to know what they really like.
  5. Try and meet up with customer demands. This will make customers to be attached to your place.
  6. Treats your customers as kind and anticipate a kingly reward.

Summary and Conclusion

So, that has been it on video game centre business in Nigeria. Go ahead and put what you just learned into practice, and see your account begin to swell in a matter of weeks.

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