How To Start Ugu Farming Business In Nigeria


ugu farming business

Ugu/Ugwu vegetable, also known as fluted pumpkin, a vine plant popular in Nigeria. It can be used to cook diverse delicacies. In fact, I can’t eat my rice without a vegetable sauce because of how delicious and nutritious it is.

Do you know why ugu farming business is simply a backyard ATM machine? I will tell you a story that you’ll no doubt find inspiring. This story was told by a close friend of mine during my second year in the university; and what he told me changed my perception for life. Here it goes.

Jamie, like I always call him was born into a poor home in the eastern part of Nigeria and because his father was late, he had to struggle with his mother to make ends meet. If there was a person who had a disadvantage in life, it would be Jamie cause even friends and relatives deserted him the moment he needed them most. They literally had nothing except the small piece of land in their backyard and in their quest to do something before life devour them, they discovered how lucrative ugu farming business is.

Instead of planting all kinds of crops in one piece of land like others in the village do, they decided to focus only on ugu vegetable (pumpkin) and that was a decision that changed their financial status forever.

From that farm, they were able to get fresh pumpkin vegetables and huge pumpkin fruits. Their first harvest was startling and that was the proof they have been looking for. To make a fortune through ugu farming business, his mother got more lands on rent, made an irrigation system and began planting, even during dry seasons. Before Jamie could say Jack Robinson, his mother was already a major supplier of ugu vegetables and fruits here in Abia State.

It was from this ugu farming business that Jamie was trained in school. The last time I heard, he has started his own ugu farm and is considering partnering with companies for the manufacturing of pumpkin spice and pies. Ugu farming business is what many have overlooked, but someone made an empire from it.

Starting a lucrative ugu farming business isn’t capital intensive, nor do you need to be a crop scientist to discover how it works. With a land and basic farm tools, you can also make a fortune through ugu farming business. Let me guide you on how to start this profitable business easily here in Nigeria.



This is definitely the first step and it’s advisable you have the land very close to your resident for easy monitoring. If you don’t have a land, you can easily get one for a few token. The size of the land is determined by how large or small you want to start first.

Please make sure the land is very fertile before you settle. The best soil type for ugu farming is loamy soil. The more soft the land, the better.


To plant your ugu (pumpkin), you need to first acquire the seed. You can buy from the market or buy directly from another farm. If you’re to seek for my advice, I will recommend buying from another farm. Reason been that you’ll judge the seed based on its products. By observing the farm of the seller, you can then know if to actually go for it or look somewhere else.

It’s paramount you get a seed that has high yield, resistant to diseases and fast to mature.


Land preparation is very important in ugu farming business. You’ll need to till the soil to ease up the soil and also, to help in the erasion of the soil. Also add organic manure 2 weeks before planting.

Also, you’ll need to construct some structure in the form of planting nearly dead wood. This help the ugu vegetable to grow and coil around for sunlight. Not only that, it facilitate the production of pumpkin fruits too.

You can do the land preparation yourself or hire someone who can.


The ideal time to plant is between April and May, when the rain in minimal. Dig a small hole, about 15cm – 25cm deep. Then plant the pumpkin seed and close it up with soil. The spacing Should be between 5cm. You can do this yourself or employ someone to help if the land is very huge.


You can harvest ugu 30 days after planting. The ugu can start producing seeds 6 months after planting. If you’re going to harvest in large quantity, you’ll have to allow it stay longer than that.


  1. Make sure to weed the farm every 2 weeks
  2. Applying a 15:15:15 fertilizer will help a lot in the yields
  3. Know your target market before harvest
  4. You’ll need to water the seed for at least, 2 weeks
  5. The pH of the soil should be neutral. That is 5.6-7


Ugu farming business is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria that will transform your farm to an ATM machine. I’m wishing you the best of luck. Share this post using the share buttons, ask your question using the comment box . See you next time!

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