Top Universal Secret That Will Turn Your Poverty To Wealth


Top Universal Secret That Will Turn Your Poverty To Wealth

Do you know that who you are today is as a product of the thoughts and beliefs of the past? Do you know that you made who you are today through the energies and vibrations you set off months and years ago? This post is going to be the best post you’ll ever read this year cause it has the potential to ultimately transform your life for the best.

Buddha said, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” You’re here on this page isn’t by luck or accident, you’re ready to know the secret of the universe and I, your teacher is here. This post might appear so simple to be taken serious, but this is the secret of the ages. A secret many great men have used consciously or unconsciously to attain wealth and fulfillment in life. I have used this and my life haven’t been the same, now it’s here for your grasp.

You’re an energy being, having a temporary experience in this water spacesuit called body. You are always in connection with the universe, sending forth energies and vibrations and getting them back in three folds. Many humans believe that we are at the mercy of an entity called FATE. Most of us have gone through life with the notion that “whatever will be will be.”

If we were really controlled by external situations, it would mean that we really have no freedom to decide our destiny. It would mean that our environment was the ultimate deciding factor as to whether we’ll succeed or not. We have hold on to these fallacies as beliefs that it has actually created our reality, bringing forth our nightmare into reality.

Everything in this universe is energy – even that which appears to be an empty space. You are energy, including I and the pets at home. Your thoughts and feelings are energy. You know, atoms, molecules, subatomic particles and all the quantum garbages. All energy vibrates at a certain frequency. When something vibrates at a certain frequency, it naturally resonates with and attract things of the same frequency.

Do you know why you have been experiencing failure, disappointment, hardship, ill health etc? It’s because you have been dwelling on the negative aspect of life, sending forth negative energy and getting them back in return. It’s true you’re sick, instead of thinking, “Ooh… This sickness is going to get worse.” Think about how better you’re becoming from that magic drug the doctor gave you.

The ultimate force, you can choose to call it the universe, God, Jesus, Shiva.. Whatever you want, just know that there is a force somewhere, granting your wishes in tune with your vibrations and frequency.

Instead of dwelling on how pathetic your future is going to be, why not imagine how beautiful it will be, why not dwell on the positive? Instead of thinking about how you will fail that exam, why not imagine how you’ll feel scaling through in flying colours? By being on a positive thought, you’re sending a message to the universe and the universe is responding. We are what we think about.

Lemme talk about your beliefs for a moment and how it shapes your life.

The following story of a railroad worker, who accidentally locked himself into a refrigerator car and then was unable to escape illustrate the great power of the universe secret of belief. Apparently, this man banged and banged on the side of the boxcar to attract potential rescuer attention. However, no one heard him. After banging and banging for endless hours, growing colder by the minute, he finally resigned himself to his fate and gave up.

Sometimes during the night, he has felt his body growing numb, he began to scribble some words on the wall of the car. The words were his way of recording some of his last sensation as he moved closer and closer to death. The first sentence was, “I’m becoming Colder.” The 2nd sentence, a little further down he said, “Still colder, nothing to do but wait.” Then it said a little further down, “I’m slowly freezing to death, half asleep now, I can hardly write.” Down at the bottom of the wall, he wrote, “These may be my last words.” In fact, they were.

When the railroad car was opened the following day, they found him dead. There’s something about this story that’s very startling. The freezing mechanism on the car has been malfunctioning and believe it or not, the temperature that night in that car has not dropped below 49°F. This man belief has enacted the Law of Belief. He has presumed erroneously, and believed that his time has come and his life was over when in fact, there was no need for that assumption at all.

Many of us holds a lot of beliefs that are so dangerous to our life and purpose here on earth. Some believe that love doesn’t exist, well, it will never exist for them. Some believe they will never be happy, they never will be. Some others believe they will never fully be healthy and as thus, have created their own reality through their belief.

By believing good and expecting good to happen, you’re calling the Law of Attraction to play, you’re calling the universe to do that which you want. A wise man once said, “You’re deserving of whatever you get.” Believe it or not, where you are now is where you have placed yourself. Review your beliefs and put a stop to those that are dangerous to your life. Popular beliefs such as “What will be will be.” Let go of them.. What you want is what will be. You’re in perfect control. You’re creating your environment through your thoughts, vibrations (negative or positive) and beliefs and in all things, be thankful of what you have now.

When you’re grateful for who you are and what you have, you will constantly feel-good, and that positive feeling is what you need to climb to the next ladder of greatness and fulfillment.

I wish I can go on and on to enlighten you more about this universal law, but I’m constrained by time.. Perhaps you can drop a comment and I will respond. Please, don’t forget to share this post using the share buttons. Do good, you’ll get good in return.

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