Top 7 Skills Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Learn

   Top 7 Skills Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Learn

As an internet entrepreneur they are some online skills to learn to make your entrepreneurship’s journey a success. If you can master some certain skills, you can as well use it to make a decent income online and offline without much stress. You just need to have the knowledge of the game.

What you need to learn this online skills is for you to dedicate your time, money and needed resource to achieve the mastery of online skills. So without hesitating, here’s the list of top 7 skills every entrepreneur should learn.

1. Web Design

Web design goes on my first list as one of the best and lucrative online skills any internet entrepreneur can acquire, if this matches your area of interest. You can learn web design online by registering on which is totally free, you can learn any aspect ranging frim CSS, Javascript, HTML and PHP or you can as well enroll in web design acquisition program/training in your area. Just get to know the registration fee, and areas in web design that you would be taught.

2. Social Media Marketing

Another profitable online skills you can learn, it doesn’t require you to pay anyone to put you through in this skill because its well explanatory. Let me give you a quick brief on how social media marketing works, you can create a social media account pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Google plus.

You on your own part need to focus on a niche(the area you pick interest or the one that you love)then you need to be sharing content and information around that niche. For instance if you choose to be sharing business related content only, then focus your attention on it throughout. You also need to spend a little on promotion after you have published 5-7 mind blowing contents to gain more followers and increase engagement. An advertiser can be interested in promoting his or her product or service if they see that you have an active followers and likable contents. Fiverr also is a good place to render such service too if you want to this skill to make money online.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is also a good lucrative online skill to learn because every website knows the benefit of having a fully search engine optimization on their websites/blogs.

You can learn SEO online either by taking a full course on it or you follow top blogs that are in SEO niche, to get to know more on search engine optimization both the onpage and offpage aspect. SEO is so broad, you can’t just determine that as long as you have known some things about it that you have known it all, Capital NO this is the skill you follow the trends to widen your knowledge which will guarantee you to become an SEO expert on the long run.

4. Writing

Writing appears to be one of the backbones of every website/blogs, the need of having quality content on a blog has made some website owners to hire paid writers to write for them in other to improve their site and engage their users. If you are a good writer, you can as well improve your writing skills either by writing for blogs on daily weekly or monthly basis in other to hone your skill then if you are not, you can as well learn it online on grammargirl, pro writing aid, and howjsay.

5. Graphic Design

Graphic design has to do with designing of logos, music photo designs, business cards, book covers Conclusion and poster making. You can learn graphic design with Corel draw, and Photoshop. This great skill you can offer it on fivver because they are highly demanded by buyers.

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another profitable online skill to acquire as an Internet entrepreneur. What Affiliate marketing is all about is that you sell other people’s product and get your own percentage through what they call a referral link(this link is personal assigned to you so that they will use it to track your sales and give you your own commission based on the total number of products users purchased through your link)

To start an affiliate marketing, the best way to get more sales and increase your potential commission is to promote the product either on your Facebook profile and groups you are in, instagram page, Twitter account or a personal or business website.

7. App Development

You can learn how to develop mobile apps by getting yourself acquitted with the person who already has more knowledge on app development. App development can also be mastered by enrolling in an institution that teaches on how to create and develop apps for different purposes.


Internet entrepreneurs should make sure they learn more skills to enable them grow their various businesses and help them create business opportunities through offering their online skills to clients, both online and offline.

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 Kingsley Umeh is a business avid, internet entrepreneur that loves sharing new business ideas for new and existing entrepreneurs on how to start, run and manage their business with less risk. He blogs at and follow him on Instagram via @Kingsleyumeh1 and on  Google Plus

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