Top 10 Businesses That Have Made EntMirror Readers Millionaires

Top 5 Businesses That Have Made EntMirror Readers Millionaires

When I launched this business blog last year June, 2017, I was burning with so much excitement and zeal. That was because I’ve got a lot of unexplored businesses that will be able to make their starters millionaires. As a professional entrepreneur here in Nigeria, I was able to guide countless individuals invest their money wisely in a profitable venture. The amount of mails I receive a day is so overwhelming that sometimes I get a migraine, but it’s for a good cause.

In case you’re a new reader, in case you’ve missed a lot, I’m going to help you catch up by making known our top 5 businesses. Businesses that was able to pull a lot of traffic and buzz. In the end of this article, the only barrier will be your indecision. But if you can pass through that hideous monster, you’re on your way to joining the rank of millionaires in Nigeria and anywhere in Africa. Let’s go!



This post was masterminded by an EntMirror reader and surprisingly, it turned out ranking as one of our top business post ever. Palm oil business is a seasonal business that everyone can do and should consider delving into because it’s lucrative. What palm oil suppliers do is to buy when the oil is cheap, usually around January, February and March. When bought, they then store in a warehouse till the time of scarcity which is; September, October, November and December. This business won’t deter you from your normal business or job. I recommend this business especially to employees looking for another source to compliment their income.


Recharge card printing business is also among these businesses in Nigeria that will keep booming till God knows when. Three months after writing this article, I got a lot of positive mails from readers. Many were able to live in financial freedom just by doing this business. Do you know one unique thing about recharge card printing business? It’s being used on a daily basis, for calls, text messages and data subscription. It’s a millionaire business. One major challenge is getting a reputable dealer.


This post is actually our top guest post judging from the amount of traffic it pulls daily. Because of how detailed the post was, it was used or perhaps, found in many Nigerian university project works, with reference pointing to this blog. This business also triggered a lot of responses from prospective entrepreneurs who wished to start this business. If you’re looking for a business to start here in Nigeria and became a millionaire, then consider sachet water production business.


I never expected this post to perform the way it did. Sharwama business is a profitable business in Nigeria and has made a lot of our readers millionaires. Yes! This very post helped most of our readers take a step into business and they were glad they did. Sharwama business isn’t capital intensive, but its one hell of a business you shouldn’t overlook. There are thousands of untapped or unexplored business in Nigeria. Sharwama is just somewhere around the top.


This is the only agribusiness that’s making the list and it’s for a good thing. Watermelon is freaking lucrative. The point is: you can get a land and farm watermelon irrespective of your location in Nigeria. All you require is an irrigation system. With that, you’re already climbing the ladder of millionaires. Watermelon is a lucrative goldmine that agricultural enthusiast should not let slip by.


Before I wrote this post, I really went off my comfort zone by connecting to top barbers who took time to explain why this business is the bomb. An average barber makes approximately N5,000 daily. A barber who have diversify by selling extra stocks like hair cream, die, clippers etc makes more than N100,000 monthly. It’s a skill based business and definitely not capital intensive. This business can make you a millionaire if only you dream of expansion.


Anyone can do this business, but my main target when writing this post was students who still find it hard to make a living while on campus. This business is easy to start up and won’t hamper your studies in any way. A determined student can come out at night with his popcorn maker and make ridiculous amount of money that night. With such a business, pocket money will never be an issue.


Gas plant business is very intensive when it comes to finance and also technical to a large extent. In fact, the protocol to be passed before this business starts operation is hectic, but it’s worth every stress. This business has made a lot of EntMirror readers’ millionaire. With as detailed business plan, you can work your way up to top as a millionaire.


This is a very old post and still relevant to this day. In this post, I was able to expose how one can start a printing business in Nigeria with N7,000 and make a whooping amount monthly. How possible is that? With the help of newspaper classified ad, such a feat is easy to achieve.


So, the least on the list is egg distribution business which also is among these top businesses aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria should consider venturing into. Good thing is: you can start with any amount and then work your way to the top. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.


A lot of businesses abound and honestly, any business can make you a millionaire here in Nigeria. What does it really take to become a millionaire as a business person? It’s simple. Start a business, diversify and expand. Growth in business is something that hardcore entrepreneurs don’t overlook. If your business doesn’t grow, then you’re merely in busy-ness.

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