Top 10 Businesses Students Can Do Inside The School Campus

Top 10 Businesses Students Can Do Inside The School Campus

As an undergraduate in one of the most reputable university of Agriculture, I have countless times see fellow students complain about not having money. There are a lot of businesses students can do inside the school but instead, I keep hearing slang like, “Man is on extinction period” “There’s no money” and the rest of them. This usually happen when the parents or guardians haven’t sent any money due to economic hardship.

While I on the other hand was highhandedly catering for my well-being, right from the very work of my hand. The truth is, you don’t need your parents or guardians to always send in money before you can survive within the campus. You must not also do yahoo yahoo (Internet fraud) to make money either. There are lots of businesses students in Nigeria can do within the campus and make crazy money every day. I’m going to make them all known in this article. Relax, grab a coke and enjoy!



The first source students usually look when thinking of how to make money is usually online. Although many of them have been frustrated after wasting precious time and data on some survey or referral sites that pay nothing at the end of the day. It got to an extent that they have concluded that making money online is a scam and not possible.

Blogging is one of the top businesses students can do inside the school campus because it’s very easy to start. This business is what I used to survive as an undergraduate. This business however will entail that you know how to at least, write. If you can’t write, forget it. To know more about blogging, visit the blogging section of this blog.


This is another medium that our Nigerian students can use to make money while in school. This business is lucrative and very appealing. Take this from a student who have been in this system for years and knows the natty-gritty. Inside the school campus, fashion is the order of the day. Ranging from shoes, all kinds of jeans, polo, shirts, boxers, jewelries, cosmetics, perfume etc. You can decide to focus on one aspect, like shoes alone. The only way to make money from this business is if you carry them and go around the school hostel. Walk into at least, 50 rooms and see if you won’t make a sale. This business is lucrative no doubt.

This business might not be best for introverts, but you can pull through if you’re determined. When you have made a sale, that alone is a motivation to break walls and further more in this business. Some students usually source for their wears in Aba, Abia State because it’s cheaper. If you’re going to buy in a large quantity, consider ordering from


I have a friend who’s into this business and he makes nothing less than N5000 daily here on campus. Yes! You heard me right. He’s a student and he has leverage his ability to take shots into making money. Students needs a photographer for their passports, birthday studio pictures, sports pictures etc. In this era, photography is ruling the world and students no longer rely on their phone camera, they need a professional to handle the whole process and give them something awesome that they can post on Facebook and Instagram.

This is one of the numerous businesses that a student can start inside the school and make money, without allowing his or her studies suffer in the expense. One of the downside this business has is the cost of a camera. But with at least N25,000, you can get a camera that gets the job done. As you grow, you can opt to buying professional cameras that worth over N200,000. Start small and grow into a giant.



Believe me, detergents, soaps and starch are one of the products that sales out very quickly within the school campus. This is because students are always washing and will never stop doing that. You can buy these detergents from the manufacturer or wholesaler and make a lot of money in return within a short time. The business model is same with that of fashion wears which means, you need to carry your goods and go from room to room to market your products.

Some students however prefer to be the producer. That is, they know the science and art of making detergents, soap, starch etc. Those in this category makes mind boggling money in return provided their good is good and well packaged. If you are interested in this business but don’t know how to make them, look for any entrepreneurial student in your school, you will definitely find if you look in the right places.



Every day on campus, students always need services such as typing, online registrations, deign works etc. They can’t get it done outside the school. There is usually a place in every university in Nigeria usually referred to as ‘Computer Village’. This is where anything computer related are handled. You will be shocked to find out that those deeply into this business are fellow students like you. Imagine a school of over 30,000 students, this means that no matter how many computer shops, you’ll always make a lot of money every day.

According to my sources, what gives money the most in this kind of business is photocopying, online registration like Post-UTME, Jamb, course registrations etc. Students also have numerous assignments, term paper, projects that they need to type. A day, you can make over N5000.


Consumable has to do with these goods which students can consume at once and at the same time like, buns, popcorn, meat pie, moi moi, egro etc. Popcorn business is profitable inside the school campus, just like others already mentioned. Although you need a popcorn maker (machine) to start. There are lots of machines, some run on gas while some on electric. Get the one that runs on gas, to avoid getting frustrated as a result of the epileptic power supply. This business is something you can start in front of your hostel and make a lot of money in a month.

Should I tell you the secret of this business? The secret in nothing other than knowing how to make your goods tasty and delicious. This is your number one selling point, please don’t joke with it. If you don’t know your craft, work under someone who does and gain experience. This business is what any student can start inside the school campus and make crazy money in a short while.


Every new year, there are numerous empty lodges, looking for new sets of occupants. As a student, you can make a lot of money by getting across the owner of the lodge and striking a deal with him or her. The deal is usually simple, to earn a commission per referral. You can make up to N10,000 – N30,000 per person referred.

To succeed in this business, you need to pick a lodge that is very close to the school, has water and constant electricity. If you pick a lodge that is lacking in those things, you will find yourself struggling to convince one person to rent a room. This business is what most students are using to make money inside the school. They are students like you, not real estate agents. If they can do it, you too can.


I saw an egg supplier recently, selling about 5 crates of eggs to a student. I got interested and asked him how much a crate of egg goes for. To my amazement, he said N1000 for per crate. I was stunned for the moment. Per crate contains 24 eggs. If one egg is sold for N50, that means you’ll be making N2000 in total, with a gain of N1000.

This discovery made my day. You can start selling eggs right inside the school and make at least, N10,000 weekly, depending how you create awareness for your good. There are students like me who don’t eat noodles or bread without frying egg. Look for an egg supplier and start this business ASAP.


As long as you are in Nigeria, power supply will always be a problem. Instead of crying about the occasional power supply, you can leverage this into making a lot of money on campus. All you need to start this business is just a generator, extensions, chargers etc.

Let’s assume you have about 100 ports and it takes 2 hours to fully charge a phone. If you charge N50, you will be making nothing less than N5000 in 2 hours. Imagine how much you can make a day provided you’re in a good location that is very open.



A lot of people, who are not even students are making money from this business right inside the campus. Is it that students are too lazy? This people usually target year one students, those who are yet to understand how the school system works. These handout sellers usually get courses that these students are offering and make photocopies of it. They make huge amount of money every day from this business that many have overlooked.

The only advantage in this business is knowing how to talk. You need a sugarcoated tongue to beat competitors. You definitely won’t be the only one selling handouts.



Whatever business you dream of doing in campus as a student, you need to create awareness about the product or service that you’re offering. The most common practice is usually to print a short and catchy advert on paper, then have it pasted at strategic points in the school. Make sure your hostel room number and phone number is boldly written for easy contact. If you do this well, you won’t struggle when it comes to getting customers or clients.


There are millions of money inside the school campus, the question is; do you know a way to acquire them? This page was dedicated to enlighten students on how to make money as a student inside the school campus. If you have any question, ask using the comment box. If there are other businesses which you feel should be on this page, please help out by using the comment box too. Don’t forget to share this educative post using the sharing buttons below.

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