The Future Of Business: A Technological Driven World

The Future Of Business: A Technological Driven World

We now live in a world where our screens bend, our car feels and Al doing the job of millions. Judging from the current pace by which new technological prototypes surface, the future of business is going to be intense and scary. I’m talking about a world where business no longer exist as a physical entity, but as an invisible venture where operations are runned and managed by artificial intelligence. This is a future where the biggest marketplace in the world, the internet, faces the greatest boom ever to record in the history of man.

Many think that the limit have been reached, they thought we have reached the apex of evolution, but in reality, we’re lights away from the possibilities which the future holds. When the mortal mind is allowed to wander without restrictions placed, discovery takes place. That is when you discover that sci-fi have failed to paint a vivid picture of the future, especially in regards to business.

The purpose of this article is not to entertain you with mysteries of the future, it’s to bring enlightenment of what lies ahead and how you as an entrepreneur can prepare yourself and children. Believe me, the future is scary and only the prepared will survive.



Have you ever imagine a world where there’s no paper money or coins? Well, your imagination isn’t invalid. Sweden have been on the news lately and it’s prior to their progress toward having a cashless society. Electronic payment have surged and over 95% of Swedes have access to credit or debit cards.

With apps which now allows for easy payment, the future can be seen as one where physical currency no longer rules. Electronic payment are booming, from paying utility bills online to shopping on popular e-commerce websites. Some major restaurants, supermarket, tech shops etc now have POS which gives you the ability to make payments using your card.

In fact, delving more into the future shows that a time will come, when carrying of cards becomes archeic. It becomes an embedded chip in your body. This is inevitable no matter the magnitude of conspiracy theories formulated by religion. The rise of cryptocurrency is just a part to the fulfillment of this prophesy.


When a child is enrolled into preschool, he or she is taught the English Alphabets and Numbers and as time goes, delve into spellings and sums. Well, the future is going to be so much different from what we know today. The future is going to be a future of codes, a future where programming becomes a primary skills an individual must possess. How is this going to affect business?

The business world won’t be a world of physical battle like I have already purported. It’s going to be a world of virtual reality, where you go round the world by standing at a spot. In this future, technology takes the lead. From developing apps, softwares, plugins, scripts etc that helps for the smooth running of the business, to protecting the business from potential hackers.

Just as entrepreneurship is now seen as a course for survive, so will programming become and trust me, it won’t be rocket science cause our brain neurons must have already cleared a path, thereby seeing such as simple problems that can easily be solved or learned.


Bad news to those who dreamed of working in an air-conditioned office after graduation. In a future where AI takes over jobs meant for humans, what do you think will happen? The economy will flourished due to increase in productivity, but the rate of unemployment will be so high that crimes becomes the order of the day. Those who will survive might be those who have diverse a means to tap into the trillions of dollars on the web; in form of online businesses.

Having known what the future holds, it’s sane to think toward self reliance which is what entrepreneurship is all about.

How do you think the future will look like?

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