How To Become A Successful Programmer In Nigeria

How To Become A Successful Programmer In Nigeria

Becoming a successful programmer in Nigeria is very feasible provided the passion and willingness to succeed is greater than your fear of failure. In a world of seamless possibilities, being a programmer have proven to be one of these career paths that’s so lucrative and will soon become a skill that’s highly in demand. In my post; THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS, I gave a little hint of what the world will be like years to come. Believe me, programmers are the future of that future.

I was chatting with a friend, A Russian programmer the other day and he told me that the next World War is going to be among programmers, and not with nuclear weapons like most of us have envisioned. The coming years is going to be a battle of technology and every firm in the market place will invest millions of dollars on their programmers.

If you’ve always have a thing for computer, curious to know how things work and how to become a creator yourself, perhaps the world of programming is calling on you.

In this post, I’m going to guild you on how you can become a successful programmer here in Nigeria. If you follow my guides, the whole overview of what the career path entails will be made known.



Let’s forget about the financial gains and access passion. Why do you want to become a programmer? What’s your driving force? If money is your motivating factor, you might end up frustrated and depressed. If so, I’d rather advice you seek another career path. With passion, you can do virtually anything you set your heart to. A passionate programmer is creative, innovation and curios to try out new things. It is that passion, curiosity and zeal that propels him into making one of the biggest inventions the world will ever know. With passion, there is no restriction, just possibilities and fun.


Programming is not for the lazy folks. You have to keep learning and improving constantly. It never ends because change never stops. There will always be a new need, a new hunger that only programmers can solve. There are lots of materials that will help hone your programming skills. However, the first step will be discovering the first programming language to learn. It could be C++, HTML5, PYTHON, and JAVASCRIPT etc. You start from basic then work your way to the advancement mode.

To become a successful programmer in Nigeria, hit the library and get every book on programming, as many as you can. Follow popular programming websites, blogs and YouTube channels. To a programmer, learning is part of everything.


There will come a time when you will make a mistake or when a program doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean that the whole program should be cancelled or erased. This is when you root out the problem fast and effectively. By making proper documentation, you can debug your program fast and easily without wasting so much time and energy. It’s a skill that you won’t be able to do without.


Most, if not all entrepreneurs will tell you that failure is the road to greatness. They are not wrong at all. You might not be successful in your first or second attempt. It doesn’t mean that it won’t work out or that you should give up. It means that when you fall, you should rise up more intelligently. Let it be a fuel that fuels that passion inside of you. To become a successful programmer, learn to use failure to your advantage.


Being a terrific programmer who knows all the programing languages isn’t enough to land you to your dream life. In fact, having great potentials is just the beginning. As a programmer, you need to be able to market yourself or rather; be business inclined enough to solve a problem. To become a successful programmer here in Nigeria, you need to think outside of the box. You need to solve a problem. In a situation whereby there’s no problem, please create one. This reminds me the advent of the antivirus.


Every successful entrepreneur or programmer knows the value of teamwork. With the power of more brain and more hands, tremendous things can be achieved. An idea might spark up from a single head, but it takes more than two heads to furnish and turn that idea into a business opportunity. To become a successful programmer, don’t overlook the power of teamwork.


You can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it. Anything is possible. You want to become one of the top successful programmers in Nigeria? Then don’t give up on that dream inside of you. What you need is to keep learning and to keep making friends with the same ambition. Don’t ever get distracted!

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