Stop Wasting Time And Money Blogging, Go Get A Job!

If I’m to tell you the most precious thing in life, it’s time and money. You need time to work on your dream; you also need money to make that dream feasible. I have been reading a lot of blogging stats and truth be told; it was quite an eye opener. It did proved a point, something I have been living in denial of for years. Here’s the bitter truth; chances are that you’ll never make a dime blogging.

Have you ever asked yourself if you will ever be able to create a profitable blog that’s capable of earning you a sustainable income? Ohh yes, you’ve been dreaming of it. It is the dream of every tom and dick blogger, but in reality, only 19% of bloggers are able to attain that feat.

I have a lot of students who I’m mentoring every day in blogging and sometimes, they ask,

“Sir, will I ever be able to make a living off blogging?”

Such questions usually pop up when doubts and depression sets in, thanks to money for been so freaking hard to make.

I’m sure you’re wondering the same, asking the stars or perhaps the moon whether you’ll make money blogging. In that moment, you’ll imagine; earning thousands of dollars just by punching keys and drinking coke. Who doesn’t want that? I do and that’s why I’m into this business.

The purpose of this blog post isn’t to discourage you from blogging; it’s to inspire you into putting in more effort and smartness. If you don’t have what it takes to make it as a blogger, you better quit now and get a job. Better than waste time and money chasing the shadows. While reading, don’t forget to tweet some awesome quotes by clicking the CLICK TO TWEET. Now, let’s go!



According to Statista, there are about 173 million blogs worldwide and all of them are fighting for the same spot, same aim and same money.Click To Tweet

The competition is intense; one of the reasons blogging isn’t for the feeble mind. It’s for those who have an undefeated heart, those who can keep blogging despite not earning a dime for a year.

Most new bloggers know nothing about blogging. They don’t even know common terms like backlinks, guest post, SEO etc and yet, they want to start making dollars from Google Adsense monthly.

I dig more into some stats in blogging and I discovered that that there are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago. You see, it’s growing.


According to CNET, There's a blog born every half second. So, in 1 second, 2 blogs spring up in our cyberspace. In 1 minute, 120 new blogs are created.Click To Tweet

Let’s assume that you’ll spend 5 minutes reading this article. That means, 600 blogs will start existing. Multiple that by 24 hours and tell me the result.


On 6th of June this month, I’ll be celebrating my blog’s one year anniversary. Alongside, I will be celebrating one year of sleepless night. One year of consistent writing and tweaking. One year of hard work and stress.Click To Tweet

Blogging isn’t for the lazy. Unless you’ve got money to pay freelancers for content creation, and developers whenever there’s a bug or crash.

When I started blogging, I automatically became a writer, a developer, a web designer, a graphic artist.. In fact, I became everything that aids for the smooth running of my blog.

The moment you lazy around, another blogger will take you spot before you can even say Jack Robinson. Remember, its competition.

According to latest blogging stats, 2 million blog posts are published every day. Mehn.. that's pretty huge.Click To Tweet

To stay on top of your game, you’ve got to stay afloat. If you can’t, better quit now and save yourself the stress, money and time. Go get yourself a job if you don’t have what it takes to blog.

When we come to the technical aspect of blogging, we talk about stuffs like SEO and blog structure. While SEO deals with making your pages more friendly and visible on search engines, blog appearance deals with evolution, development, advancement etc. you need to constantly grow and you can’t do that if you know nothing about web development, unless you have a lot of money to give to developers.

I remember a time when I nearly crashed my blog, losing a huge amount of data. It was draining, but it all contributed to my experience and skills.


If anyone tells you that you can make hundreds of bucks from your new launched blog, you need to run as fast as you can, he’s a scammer. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it takes time, hard work and constant learning to start making substantial income as a blogger.

Most prospective bloggers know nothing about monetization. All they know about is Google Adsense and immediately they get banned, they quit blogging.


If Google Adsense cease to exist today, will you keep blogging? How will you make money apart from Adsense? If you can’t answer that, please forget about blogging and go look for a job.Click To Tweet


Blogging is a game of passion, without it, I would have quit a long time ago. Passion is one of the attributes you need to succeed as a blogger because it keeps you blogging when the going gets hard. Passion keeps driving you even in the mist of no views, no comment and no money. Passion is what keeps the spirit burning even when there’s no reason to.

For me, writing and getting my written materials read by people motivate me a lot. It urges me to write even if it’s one person that ends up reading it. Writing has been a passion that lies within my very core.

My dear, be honest. Do you have the passion? Will you keep blogging even when there are no views, comments or earnings? If no, then drop that laptop and go look for a job with a more guaranteed monthly income.


What’s your dream as a blogger? If you’re not planning on expanding, on getting a complex, on hiring professionals as editor, writers etc, then you’re insulting the blogging career. The aim of every blogger is to grow, not to remain a mediocre blogger who earns only $100 every month end.

With staff comes expansion, with expansion comes more traffic and with traffic comes more earning. Becoming rich as a blogger isn’t rocket science if you play your cards well.Click To Tweet

However, if you still entertain a doubt that being rich as a blogger is impossible, you may as well quit now and save yourself the time and money.

I once got a call the other day. The caller said that making money online is a scam, impossible. He went further to disclose how folks like me deceive the public for selfish reasons. It’s evident that such a person cannot make money online because his mind is closed and limited. I made my first dollars as a freelancer online. That was when the veil tore, convincing me that indeed, money can be made online, writing from the comfort of my bedroom.


Blogging isn’t for everyone, but it’s for the few who understands what it takes to make it. Many don’t know because they don’t read, while those who do read have a better chance. If you were able to read this long epistle of a post, chances are that you’re a born blogger and likely to be successful.

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