How Can We Stop Killing Information And Bloggers Today?

How Can We Stop Killing Information And Bloggers Today

Have you ever visit a website or blog only to see countless ads littered all around every available space, begging to be clicked? The most annoying is getting irrelevant pop ups and re-directions to only God knows where and you feel like smashing your system. Not only were they exhausting my precious time, they were sucking my hard earned bundle data. In the mist of all these struggle, you end up not getting what you were looking for. The good user experience have been sacrificed for just few cents. These unethical bloggers have successfully dragged the word “blogging” to the mud. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be identified as a blogger.

I was happy when adblocker was introduced, at least, no more annoying ads and pop-ups. But this new development came with its downside too. It’s true that some sites out there exist solely to make quick money and not impact. But there are few webmasters who are there to change the world, but because of lack of finance, they quit. One of my favourite blog, “wenogetjob” is no longer existing today and I’m sure it has something to do with finance. This is what happen when you’re spending a lot on bundle data and yet, getting nothing in return.

I discovered that most bloggers who quit didn’t do that because of lack of passion, they did because they could no longer afford to stay online. They quit because the blog became a liability and honestly, it’s frustrating. Adblocker is not just killing bloggers, it’s killing information. It’s over 5 months now since I started this blog and believe me, I have spent mind blowing figures just to stay online and blog.

I need data to research about my next article to get my facts right. I need data to stay online and respond to comments.. I also need to be online to chat with most of my readers on whatsapp and facebook on how to start up their business. I find myself subscribing every week just to stay online. If I wake up one morning and found out that there’s no cash to subscribe, what do you think will happen?



How can you support your favorite blogger? How can you keep them blogging and making impact? How can we stop killing information? You might not have the money to donate financially, but you can support by whitelisting your favorite blog from adblocker. When I started, most of my readers were so supportive. Some promised to be clicking on my ads, although I warned them not to, but to keep it natural. However, I was glad that there are people who wants to see this dream become a reality. It’s not everyday that you see people become selfless and ready to help make a dream come true. I felt lucky. I once got an alert too, a reader made a donation and I was like WTF. It left me speechless. Through their ads, they earn some money that will at least, help them subscribe to a bundle data pack.


If you have the finance and your favorite blogger has materials for sell, support by buying them. You might not need them, someone you know might. Supporting in such ways motivate them into giving out more.. It helps them to share from their very core.. Sometimes when writing, I feel like unveiling universal secrets, that’s because of the motivation I get from my readers. When a writer is motivated, the best is given. I believe that every writer is emphatic, that is an attribute that makes them unique. When they are motivated, then can unveil the unveilable.


I was going through facebook recently and I saw one of my post with lots of comments and likes. You can’t fathom how happy I was to see someone share. Checking my sharing buttons rise in figure is a huge encouragement too. When you read something helpful, something that really impacted, please support your favorite blogger by hitting the social buttons. You never can tel who you’re helping out there.


Comments are encouraging. When I get a comment, I feel like dancing the whole day. It proves that I’m not the only one reading my contents. You must not comment on every post, but do once in a while. Be part of the community. Even If there’s no comment, be the first. If you know how much your comment mean to your favorite blogger, you’ll do it daily.


If you’re a blogger, don’t expect to get loyal readers when all you do is lift irrelevant post from one end to the other. You need to be YOU. You need to be passionate and ready to let out your voice. When you’re passionate, your readers will know. When you’re serious to making this work, they will know. One of the huge turn off is when your readers get a hint that all you’re after is the money and nothing more. That will be the end of your career as a blogger. When you play your ball well, you won’t have to beg for clicks, comments, shares etc.. They will come naturally.


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