My Spooky Encounter With A Money Spiritualist

My Spooky Encounter With A Money Spiritualist

Over the years, I have come to know of one hard truth which is; everyone is fighting for survival even if it means stepping on toes and drawing blood. Since I started using the internet to browse, either for pleasure and for money, I can’t help but come across a lot of ads, promising to make one sticking rich with just some magic ring or portion. Some even claim to be able to have you registered into the Illuminati cult.

Just yesterday, I got a friend request on Facebook and trust me, I always accept unless the name is written in Arabic. The user was a self acclaimed spiritualist and according to him, he can help individuals make money. I don’t believe in the existence of magic, but I wanted to try and at the same time, have fun. Besides, no harm in trying to scare away boredom.

We started chatting on Facebook and he asked for my Whatsapp number which i gave without any atom of hesitation. He asked for my country code, then it dawn on me that this is in fact an international spiritualist. I started feeling a tingling in my stomach, a feeling that I should forge no further. But that is for the weak hearted, not me. In about two minutes, my phone started buzzing and it was him. His profile picture was so fearful as a native doctor could be seen, with a lot of disgusting and scaring charms around him. Literally, my hands were shaking.

“What if this man is a real spiritualist?” I found myself asking. Just when I was about to ask another question to my inner self, a voice from the other end unveiled the situation on ground.

“Hello, I the magic person. What do you want?” a strange and thin voice echoed from the other end. His accent wasn’t spooky to say the least and from his lack of proficiency in the use of English, I got a little boost and comportment.

“My name is Henry, one of the top business men in Nigeria and I need about $50,000,000 to pursue a project.” I said, with a voice so deep that I wondered if indeed it was me.

“You’re a spiritualist, how can you help me?” I continued, gulping hard as await a response.

The so called spiritualist started talking about how he was born with magic, how his late father transferred the genie to him, and how he has travelled round Africa ever since, to help people make money. He also told me that he’s currently in Ghana on a ritual assignment. I should have retreated and play it safe, but his constant strive to convince me was raising eyebrows.

Why was he so interested to convince me? Real spiritualist, that’s if they exist won’t waste time trying to convince you about being real or not. Thanks to Nollywood and Hollywood for giving me an idea of how the real ones operate. If they wish to convince me, they should have treated me, the way Ancient One (the movie DOCTOR STRANGE) treated Strange. oohh no..

But NO! He was all talks. For over 20 minutes, i was listening to his blab. I was asked to pay for some fetish materials in other to make the ritual work. The Material was to cost $100. To pull his legs the more, i began.

“Money is not the problem sir, I’m ready to pay $2,000 and that’s if I can get assurance that this ritual will work.”

He reminded me that he doesn’t collect money, that all he want to is to help me make money. To convince me the more, he told me that he would have bought the materials with his money, but because the gods want my own very money, Money gotten from my own very sweat, that it won’t work.

I was unto another sermon as he blab for more minutes nonstop. It got to a point that i started hearing some noise at the background. I diverted my hearing to the background and i keep getting this feeling that I’m dealing with yahoo boys. Perhaps his format is SPIRITUALIST. hahahhahaha… I laughed inside of me.

I wanted another proof that will nail him to the cross, proof that I’m dealing with a scammer. I asked him.

“If I pay for your flight, will you be able to come down here in Nigeria?

“No sir, i don’t need to come to Nigeria to do the ritual. I’m hardly in one place. Very soon, I will leave Ghana on another assignment.” Now, his trying to avoid meeting with a victim for fear of being lynched.

“You usually travel around to help people make money, now I’m asking you to come to my country and do this ritual for me. Like I said, Money is not the problem.” I said and at the same time, trying to convince him that indeed, that I’m the right prey since I have money.


“Of course sir, I would be very happy to see you face to face and help you. Just send the money and i will be in a Nigeria.”

“I have some big friends in Accra, what if they come and pick you up?

You know I’m a spiritualist, I don’t move with people. You send me the money and I come over to Nigeria. Remember, You’ll need about 5 bank accounts to be able to receive $50,000,000.”

That was another red flag. By now, it’s already too obvious that I’m dealing with a scammer.” I pushed further.

“I have been scammed by a lot of people who claimed to be spiritualist, how can I really be sure that you’re real?

“You just have to believe me, the same why I believe in you. I have not seen you, but I believe in you. Also believe in me.” Arant Bullshit! Of course it’s easy to believe when you’ve got nothing to lose, i said inside of me.

To end this long conversation, I asked for his account number.

“I will be sending you $20,000, just send me your account number.”

“When will you send the money?” he asked, another sign of desperation, giving him away to be a hardcore scammer.

“I’m a very busy man, send me your account number. I will send the money whenever I’m ready to start the ritual” i responded, with a voice so strong that he must be feeling like, his chatting with Dangote.

“You need to tell me when you’ll send the money, so that i can consult the gods and prepare.” He replied. The desperation was now very evident, unable to leave him, but i stood my ground.

“Like i said, I’m a very busy man, I will send my accountant to transfer the money whenever I’m free. Send your account number please.”

When 1 minute, I got a message on whatsapp, making known his account number.

Millions  of people, around the world have been scammed out of desperation to make money. Their victims are desperate and greedy people, those who want to make money overnight doing nothing. How do you think these yahoo boys (internet scammers) make money? Of course it’s like this. They come in different formats but please, be careful.

There’s no shortcut to wealth. There are lots of businesses that will make you a millionaire. Discover it and start. There’s no sense in wanting magic to happen, or scamming others to make money.

The sweetest money is the one you get genuinely, not one gotten from an ill means. If you love this article, I want you to do just 2 things for me.

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  1. iyke

    That is how i keep on seeing posters on the road side claiming to “make one millionaire over night and make one famous” and in the end they will ask for just a little cash to prepare the “charm”… If they were that rich as they claim, they have been richer than dangote and well known than dangote….

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