How To Start A Shawarma Stand Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Shawarma Stand Business In Nigeria

I know of a man that graduated from the university four years ago only to start a shawarma stand business here in Lagos, Nigeria. Most of his mates laughed at him. Some scorned him for settling for less. His uncle who sponsored him in school was heavily disappointed as he was labeled a failure in life by everyone who knew him. How can he start such a degrading business when his mates are working in banks, while some as teachers? No one knew until the boom.

Today, this young man owns one of the biggest shawarma stand business and makes over N200,000 daily. Yes, you heard me right. That’s excluding delivery. Shawarma stand business is a goldmine that can make you lots of money no matter how small or big you start. With this business, you’ll not only employ yourself, you also help by employing those that will assist you in business.

One of the good reasons why this business is profitable is because there’s no limit to how much you can earn. There’s also no limit to how big it can become. It all lies on your vision and how passionate you are in making the business the biggest in town.

In this article, i’m going to discuss in details how you can start this business irrespective of your location here in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. With the right mindset, you’ll be able to start this business and realise your start-up capital within three months. Depending on your location, you might not even be able to keep up with order.

Shawarma can be taken as a snacks or a light meal.. Usually taken for relaxation. Lovers, friends and family usually visit these shawarma stands or spots just to have fun. Shawarma is no doubt one of the delicious thing you’ll ever taste in life. Ladies especially don’t joke with it. At the end of this article, don’t hesitate to ask your questions and share this post. By sharing, you’re helping someone out there.



Before you delve into this business, you must learn how to prepare a shawarma first. Not just any type of shawarma, one that’s classic and tasty..more than every other shawarma in town. If possible, work under a seller for at least, a week. This will enrich you with experience and also boost your confidence. Starting a shawarma stand business is easy especially when you have the knowledge and experience it takes to operate.


Every business needs a plan, a map that guides the owner how the journey will go. Not having a business plan before starting is like testing the dept of a water with your two feet. If you can’t write your own business plan, perhaps you can contact a business plan writer to help you out just for a little fee. Your business plan will help you determine how much you need to start with and the overall weakness and strength of the business. A business plan will give you an overall analysis of factors that affects the business, whether in a positive or negative way.


This is the crucial aspect of it all. Shawarma stand business is best when it’s located in an open place with heavy pedestriann traffic. Don’t expect to make it in this business if your stand is hidden from potential customers. The demand for shawarma is high, but you won’t know if your business is badly located. Make sure you know the factors that makes a good business location before you settle down. Staying close to a school is also a good strategic position.


If you have big vision your business, then you have to secure your business name immediately. If you start your shawarma business in a small scale, there’s high probability that it will expand tremendously six months later. Shawarma business growth is fast because of how high demand is, and the profit potentials therein.


This is also another crucial aspect cause you’re not the only one in this business. To beat your competitors, you have to stand out in all remifcation. You have to make sure that your shawarma taste great.. You have to make sure that the server is presentable and neat. Your environment matters too.. It must be clean and relaxing. You can compliment your stand with a slow background music. In such an atmosphere, your customers won’t mind paying for whatever price the shawarma cost..


After an amazing research, I discovered that this business is not just lucrative, it’s a goldmine. Shawarma goes for N2000. The cheapest you can get it anywhere in Nigeria is N1500. It’s intriguing to note that it doesn’t take more than N600 to prepare one shawarma. If you sell about 10 shawarma a day at the price of N1500, that’s over N15,000. Shawarma stand business is a lucrative venture any day. Imagine making N15,000 per day.. The good thing is, you can sell more than 10 shawarma in a day. Like I said, I know someone who makes over N200,000 a day.


  • Shawarma Toaster
  • Deep Fryer
  • Deep freezer
  • Show Glass
  • Insect Killer
  • Fry Pan and Pots
  • Apron etc..

The cost of these materials vary.. But with N500,000, you’ll be able to start this business and realise your startup capital in three months time, depending on your location and how hard you work.


Shawarma stand business is lucrative, that’s only if you do it well. Below are most of the things that help attract customers thereby boosting sales.

=> TASTE: If your shawarma taste great, no one will leave it for another.. That’s why it’s good to acquire the skill, to know how to prepare a good delicious shawarma.

=> PRESENTATION: The way you package your good, yourself and space affects customers’ responses.

=> HYGIENE: The server, environment, everything and everywhere have to be clean and tidy. No one will like to patronise a joint or spot whose owner isn’t hygienic.

=> PRICE: The price also play a huge role.. If others are selling at N2000, please sell at N1950.. That little difference is what you need to beat your competitors.


Shawarma Stand business is a lucrative business that have been making people rich. You don’t need a university degree, you also don’t need millions to start this business. All you need is the knowledge and a good location to make it. Good thing is; there’s no limit to how much you can earn a day. As you grow, you employ people and become the boss. Those who run the day to day operation while you relax at home and have fun with your family. Shawarma business is the ideal business anyone can do and it can make you the boss.


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    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello Aminu,

      That’s why the location of your business is very important. As long as it’s situated in a place where people frequently pass, getting customer’s attraction won’t be hard.

      Make sure your business is at the right location and you won’t struggle to get customers.

      One thing is to attract a customer, it’s totally another thing to keep them. So, make sure your sharwarma is the best and they will keep coming back for more.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Yes Morris. Make a feasibility study, then kick off. It’s all about knowing where you’re going before taking a leap. So, make your research thoroughly to know what the business entails and what is mostly needed.

      Good luck.

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