How To Be A Millionaire Selling E-books Online

How To Be A Millionaire Selling E-books OnlineYears ago, you’ll have to toil yourself with machine inks, pass through numerous press departments, waste enormous amount of money before you can publish your book and make money. If at all you will make the money. This traditional method of getting your book published is fast going into extinction and the real deal is now online. Yes,  you can start selling e-books online and make money. According to Industry Watchers, e-book revenue will reach over $8 billion in 2018, per year. Imagine if you can tap into a percent of that.

Before I continue with this article, let’s first know what an e-book is for the benefit of those who are new to the term or perhaps, have heard but knows nothing about it. Knowledge like this will help you to start selling e-books online and help you make mind boggling returns.

selling your e-book

An E-book is an electronic book that can be read on a computer system, tablet, or even on your smart phone. Chances are that you already have them on your phone or computer as you read this article.

Information marketing is balling now and it’s no doubt the right route to making money online. I’ve got lots of readers who were begging to pay just for a tutorial on how to start the business of their choice. Most newbie web designers are also on my neck, to publish an e-book on how to design a professional blog. Now, if I can write a comprehensible e-book, selling won’t be an issue provided it’s geared into solving a need. However, many hungry bloggers on the other hand are trying to drag this lucrative business to the mud through their unethical approach to information marketing.

I have come across many websites and blogs that promises to have the formula to making one million naira in one night. Funny enough, they have countless photoshop proves to compel you into buying their e-book. Their sales page can indeed make you place an order immediately, only to later learn the hard way.. You won’t like to imagine how much that have been lost to these con bloggers. Believe me, they still roar around our cyberspace, looking for who to devour.

What if you do it the ethical way? What if you really want to solve a problem and get a reward for it? I’m going to teach you how to make money just be selling e-book online. Let’s start with this question and answer. I think it will help answer most of your one billion dollar questions. If there’s anyone I missed, use the comment box and I’ll reply immediately.

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There are many ways to get an e-book that’s ‘sellable’ and it is left for you to discover the medium which suits best.

• YOU CAN WRITE IT YOURSELF: You can choose to write your e-book yourself. All you need is to discover a problem that you’re an expert in. It could be ‘how to boil an egg‘ or ‘how to start-up a poultry farm.’ Whatever you know you can write about, something that solves a problem and at the same time, in demand. Go ahead and write it.

• HIRE WRITERS: Not everybody have confidence in their writing skill. Not everybody have the strength needed to write an e-book from scratch. So, you can actually hire freelance writers to do the job and you pay them in return.

• BUY A PRL E-BOOKS: PRL means ‘PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS.’ You can actually buy an e-book from these foreign websites and sell as if you’re the original author. All you need to do is a little editing and you’re good to go.


Firstly, which knowledge do you have and can be helpful to others? It could be teaching people how to start a perfume business, soap Business, how to make money online .. Find a hot topic that you believe is on high demand and write about it.

Take note, make sure you know what you’re writing. This way, you make your e-book stand out. Nothing hurts your reputation than when a reader label your e-book as trash after reading. Whichever problem you want to solve, make sure you end up solving it, not by beating around the bush.


Never judge a book by its cover, but in the online world of information marketing, we do judge a book by its cover. If you don’t have a graphic skill, get a professional to handle that. You must not do everything alone. You can get an e-book cover for an low as $5 on fiverr. Just make sure it’s catchy and simple.

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On the e-book cover, the title and description should blend with the rest of the colour. It should be as professional as possible cause first impression matters.

e-book business Nigeria


This depends on lots of factors like, the platform you’re selling on, the price of your book and your marketing strategies. But it’s important you prepare your mind for the worst. You might not start making millions overnight. It takes hard work and persistence. But it surely pays if the ball is played well.


There are many ways to sell your e-book. You can choose a platform like Amazon, Clickbank, Jumia stores or Konga. Having a blog is an added advantage cause it will create a community of readers that want to stay connected; and updated with your work.

In this era of social media, you can choose to promote your book on Facebook, twitter, forums and other huge social platforms that are available to you. Your success depends on how hard you work in marketing your book.

TIP: In a quest to sell an e-book, some information marketers delve into this unethical method of promising unrealistic results just to sell. Don’t make that mistake.

• TARGET MARKET: Another key to selling your e-book is by knowing your target market.. What’s your book all about? Who will need them? If it’s a book about ‘how to pass Jamb examination and gain admission into the university’, then you’ll have to join facebook educational groups, including other platforms where they can be found like websites, forums or blogs.



The best e-book is definitely the one you wrote yourself and have the knowledge and experience on. This is because you will cover every phase of the solution you’re trying to offer to your readers. Whenever a question arises, you’ll always be excited to give an answer without panicking or referring your readers to Google.

Despite how much you know, don’t forget to make some research and back up your write ups with relevant facts.

Taking a look at other e-books will give you an idea of what to implement to make your book stand out.

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Irrespective of how terrific you are in writing, you need an editor to give your book a finishing touch. You might be surprised how easily you skip spelling or grammar errors. This is because you wrote them yourself and already have an idea of the contents. So, don’t forget to get a professional editor for your book. A huge turn off is when a reader comes across an error that could have been corrected.

Even after the editor has done his job, don’t conclude the book yet. Get someone who has a good command of the English language to proofread. You’d be amazed at the loopholes that will be pointed out.


This has to do with the overall appearance of your book. Make sure the cover is professionally designed; and that the outlines are well-defined. First impression matters and you must not joke with this.

e-book business


Selling e-books online is not a joke. Every e-book seller shouldn’t joke with this at all. Not having a platform where you sell your book is like chasing shadows. Gladly, EntMirror web designers can help create that professional site you crave for, at a very cheap price. Contact us HERE.


This you do by publishing it live on your blog, Amazon, clickbank etc… Whichever platform, simply go ahead and push the publish button.


Selling e-books online is a business capable of breeding millions within months. Some bloggers I admire in the blogosphere makes that such amount. Imagine selling a N5000 e-book to over 500 readers of your blog.. It’s mouth-watering. What of some information marketers that sell their book for over N11,000 per copy? It’s possible to make millions with this business.

If you have any question regarding selling e-books online, use the comment box and I’ll reply immediately.

12 Replies to “How To Be A Millionaire Selling E-books Online”

  1. dan

    Hello thanks for what you have put up . would like to ask if you can publish an eBook you bought with reseller wright or mrr on amazon and the rest .thanks

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello Dan..

      If the e-book you purchased has a reseller right, then go ahead and resell that e-book and make money from it. Make sure that it will satisfy whoever that will buy. That’s why I usually recommend doing an overall editing before packaging it for sale.

      Another way is to pay writers to write the e-book for you.. There are writer who won’t mind writing for a cheap price and at the same time, deliver quality.. Just pay them a little money and make thousands from it..

      If you have further question, i’m here to guide.

  2. mike

    God, you are godsend. I have some stuff to publish. I made an attempt few years back but the printing was poor. However, I want to republish it as E book and the others as well.
    I will need all the value chain: graphics artist, editor, proofreader, marketer etc. Again at a VERY affordable price.
    Do E book also need ISBN?
    I will prefer email communications.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi Mike,

      Publishing your book as an electronic book is the easiest route ever..

      To the question, Do E-books Need ISBN?

      Well, this depend on how you’re going to distrbute your e-book for download. If you’re going to use your website or blog, then you don’t need it.

      Amazon on the other hand doesn’t require ISBN either.. Which ever platform you want to use, find out the requirements.

      You can contact me by going through the contact page.

      Thanks for being here.

  3. prince

    pls can you guide me practically on his to start up this e-book business. I have written a lot to publish but I don’t know my way around it.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello Prince,

      It’s really not rocket science. If your write up ready already.. Be sure there’s no grammar or spelling mistakes by getting someone to edit it..

      Hire a graphic designer for your cover page.. It must be as professional as possible.

      When all have been set up, upload the e-book on your blog or website, Amazon, Okadabooks(nigerian) or any other platform..

      Then start marketing your e-book to bring in sales.. The article is very eeasy to understand.

      Thanks for being here Prince.

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