School Is Our Savior: A Typical Poor Man’s Thinking

“Henry, you’ve got to go to school, graduate with good grades, and get a well-paying job” That was my father, admonishing me to remain in the school system years ago. He believed so much in school, like how a Christian would to Jesus. He thought that maybe, just maybe if I could graduate with a good degree, I would be able to get a job in a renowned company and save the whole family from the ugly rut of poverty. I was the messiah who must follow the norms and be crucified in the end. My life was no longer mine; my life was like that of a sheep heading toward its slaughter.

My dad is highly educated and one of the most respected man in our community. A civil servant whose family lives from hand to mouth. It got to a point that my mother couldn’t cope anymore and every night, I see her soak the pillow with her tears. He was being paid peanuts monthly and those peanuts are being swallowed by monster bills.  It’s like one tiny piece of cheese, being devoured by angry monsters. The only visitors we ever get in our humble home are his creditors. Every morning knock on our door is always a reminder of how pathetic our life is.

Truth be told, we weren’t living a normal life. We could go all day without food in our stomach and seeing other kids feed comfortable was more than a torment. Both my mum and dad saw school as the savior to our predicament, just like other poor people out there.

“Apply to become a doctor.” My mum told me one morning when I was preparing to go register for jamb.

“Doctors are not being paid well here in Nigeria. Apply for law” My dad suggested instead.

I couldn’t allow them make the choice for me. This is my life for Christ sake and not theirs. I applied for entrepreneurship instead due to my passion for business and the ongoing of the world. It was only possible because I caused a revolution.

” You want to end up frying buns in the street? None of my sons will end up like that nor would I ever train one into that path.” My dad has bloated out one morning in rage.

I was granted admission and that moment, I saw my dreams took shape. Little did I know that I was walking to a prison. School killed my dream to become an entrepreneur and instead, gave me her own which is to graduate and become a respected employee in the society.

Despite being in entrepreneurial studies department, I was still being trained to become an employee or a petty business man. No wonder I never had time for myself as an undergraduate. A lot of assignments, term papers, seminars, practical and lectures that takes almost all the day, giving me no time to focus on my dream. They were programming us to work like robot. We are different, but they treated us the same. They wanted us to behave the same, do the same thing and think the same way. If you dare do something differently, you’re a failure. If you work with a team, you’re a cheat. You have to follows the norms. You’re wrong and the lecturer is always right!

I’m not going to blame my lecturers, expecting an employee who is still struggling in the rat race to teach me how to become an entrepreneur is flawed logic. They were fighting to remain alive as employees and that was evident in their daylight exploitation from students. School turned out being a prison instead of a savior. I began to get demotivated and depressed.

I focused on something else, my dream and my school grades paid heavily for it. No wonder Robert Kiyosaki said that A students works for C students. C students don’t have time for their school works rather, on their dream to become an entrepreneur, a capitalist. While A students have no dream to be an entrepreneur or start something on their own but rather, to become a specialist, someone who one day dreams to work in a big company. A students see school as a savior, C students see school as prison. In the end, C students end up establishing ventures and employing the so called A students as employees.


Suli Break said, “If there be a family tree, school should be a distance cousin.”Click To Tweet

Suli wasn’t purporting that school is evil, he was only making known the level of its importance into our life. School is good and I advise everyone to go and have an experience. However, if your purpose of going to school is to break free from poverty, then you’ll end up in oblivion. You’ll be programmed to be a robot, an employee which is the modern word for slavery.

Many of my readers usually get me wrong. One called me last week and was visibly angry at most of my sermon here on this blog. He said,

“If everyone become an entrepreneur, who then will work for the entrepreneur?”Click To Tweet

That was a rational question and I give him kudos. However, I don’t preach for everyone to become entrepreneurs. Even if I do, it’s an impossible feat. I preach only to those who want more in life. Those who want financial freedom, those who don’t want to answer to any boss, those who want to have total control of their life. No matter how much wealth is being preached. I want to be able to go on a long vacation and still have the inflow of money intact, without any disruption whatsoever. Please check and see if a salary earner is on Forbes list.

Those who usually attack me about my article on entrepreneurship are usually folks who are handicapped by spirits of indecision. They see the life of an entrepreneur a challenging one. A life that involves risk and hard work. They want a path that has less risk with lots of mouthwatering benefits like free Medicare, guaranteed monthly salary and retirement benefits. The entitlement mentality has eaten so deep into their reasoning.


School will not change your life, but education will. Acquire education and every other thing shall be added unto you. With knowledge comes wealth and power. The Christian Holy Book said that people perish for lack of knowledge, I couldn’t agree more!

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