School Has Killed More Humans Than Any Disease In History

 School Has Killed More Humans Than Any Disease In History

If school be a human, an entity that can be seen, I would have been the first man to nail her to the cross. I would have been the first mortal to crush her ugly head and send her back to hell. You know why? Because she has kill more than she has ever saved. School has turned men into robots. School has turned man into a being that labors monotonously round a circle that never ends. School is part of the matrix, a program created to keep geniuses away from their ability.

My inordinate hate for school is overwhelming and I just can’t help it, despite being a product of this failed outdated system. It ruined my life, like it has ruined many others like me out there. We were born into this world and without our consent, sent to the matrix, a place where we were taught how to think and how not to think. We came out raw, but that rawness was diluted, deleted like a bug and instead, a new unfashionable and dangerous perception, harmful to man’s freedom was installed.

We all are born different, with unique mental makeup. This hideous monster called school re-programmed us to be the same, to reason the same and to act the same. The school system is as it was decades ago, no change or whatsoever, leading us gradually to the great depression. School is our greatest enemy, an enemy that’s stopping us from climbing to the next ladder of human evolution. As long as the human brain is contained in a box, restricted to some aspect of reasoning, man will never grow again.

Why I hate school
Why I hate school

I have always seen school as a failed system. I have always hated school with all the bioelectric energy my soul has to disseminate. But no matter how great my hate is, nothing seems to change. Upon starting this blog, the war against school grew to an intense height inside of me. This blog connected me to so many people whose life has been shattered by this system. I cry each time I receive a call from a reader.

I wish I can help. But I can’t. I wish there’s something that I can do to help humanity, but everything seems to fight against me. Many do not know that they live in a box, confined and caged. Only few are free and many of us known them as the enlighten ones, the illuminati. Every day, you’re been lied to by the media. Every day, you’re been watched even when privacy was promised. We live in an illusion, controlled by the few, those at the top. They control you, money, governments and information. They act like gods over you.

Why am I telling you this? If you must be rich and live in financial freedom, you’ve got to start seeing the world in a different light. You’ve got to be enlightened because through enlightenment comes power and through power comes money. The world is deeper than a rabbit hole. Bigger than anything you have ever imagined.

I can still hear the pleads of my mother years ago,

“Henry, go to school, graduate with good grades and get a well-paying job”

There’s no well-paying job. There’s no job at all. I see people struggle through the university only to graduate stranded and confused, like they were just coming out from the cave after many years. For the first time in their life, they began to feel like an alien in their own planet. In the classroom, school painted the wrong picture of the real world. Those who were able to secure a job begin their rat race, race that has no end. No matter the increment in salary, the burden gets even heavier. Robert Kiyosaki was right.

This reminds me of what Jack Ma told his son, the richest man in China said,

“You don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person [a middle-of-the-road student] has enough free time to learn other skills”

Why it seems like Nigeria is in a state of discombobulating is because everyone is striving to excel in the classroom and not in the real world. After graduation, they end up paying heavily for it. How can someone have Masters in Business Administration, BTECH in Human Resources Development, National Diploma in Management, National Diploma in International Trade and Transport and Certificate In Health and Safety Management and yet, still looking for a job? That is how much school has failed us.

It pains me when I still see people treat school as if she’s the road to wealth. School has lost its essence and I’m here i make that known.

I’m not saying school is bad, neither am I proposing that you ditch school or drop out. All I’m doing is open your eyes to the real world, to unveil what lies at the other side of life. School was meant to educate, not give jobs. School was made to help you discover your potentials and harnessed them, not to compete. If we can go to school with the mindset to develop SELF, the world will be a better place. Unemployment will reduce and our economy boosted.

Please my dear, redefine your purpose of going to school!

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  1. Dolapo olawoye

    It’s very bad seeing graduate looking for job here n there ???,no financial freedom knowledge in our curricullum,tnx for the enlightment & God bless ur generation.

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