Quotes On Life Lessons: I Wish I Knew This Years Ago

Quotes On Life Lessons

There are numerous quotes on life lessons out there on the web, but there are some quotes that makes a huge difference in one’s life when they are known. Life is one crazy son of a bitch, that’s if you are yet to discover its modus-operandi. There is no devil out there, you’re your own devil and you’re on this planet earth to discover and reinvent yourself. When the makeup of this world is unknown to you, you go through life like a sheep with no direction and hope.

You might want to save this post as a bookmark, visit it daily as a reminder. That’s all you need to make a good life out of a bad one.

Here are 10 quotes on life lessons that I have been using all my life and trust me, it made me who I am today. It made me happier, wealthier and healthier. If you use them like a compass, just like I did, they will lead you to fulfillment and to all your heart desires.



” Trying to please everyone is like trying to raise that which is already dead. Impossibility does exist no matter how much we deny it.” - Henry Ibeleme Click To Tweet

The moment I grasped this life quote was the moment my life took a great turn. Years ago as a young and inexperienced lad, I wanted to be the most loved, I wanted everyone to love me and speak good of me.

But the more I try, the more those that hate me hate me the more. Why can’t they love me? Many a time, I thought I was doing something wrong. Perhaps the way I smile was a flaw. Perhaps I don’t walk like I should. Maybe my dressing is ancient. I try making numerous adjustment, to fit into their perception and be loved. Everything backfired. I was hurting myself in an attempt to gain someone else’s love.

My grandma discovered my plight and gave me one of the most important quote on life lessons that made a difference in my life. She told me,

“Henry, if everyone likes you, something is seriously wrong with you.” I wish I knew earlier. Click To Tweet


Someone said,

“I have made a lot of past mistakes, but I’m not ashamed of them. I’m actually proud cause they made me who I am today.” Click To Tweet

I learnt this the hard way. This particular quote on life lessons can make a tremendous difference in the life of anyone. Mistakes are part of life, trying to avoid them or beating ourselves for the ones made is the shortest cut to depression. This life lesson has got me going in my darkest hour. Hours when it seems as if my mistakes are haunting me, trying to drown me in the deepest ocean on earth. In reality, your mistakes are not there to haunt you, break you or make you sad, they are there to teach you a valuable life lesson, to make you a better person.

Making a mistake is just an opportunity to try again more intelligently, to learn and move on. From mistakes, we learn what works and what doesn’t.

Order can sometime come through chaos and mistakes.


” Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”Click To Tweet

Another amazing life quote that I have grown to cherish every moment of my life. We all are different, with limited time and with our life to live here on earth. Going through life, living the life of another is the greatest anomaly ever.

This is the reason why I accept people for who they are, whether gay, bisexual, straight, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist etc. be who you are, embrace your identity and live as a free being as long as it hurts no one.

There are numerous quotes on life lessons, but this quote holds a special space in my life. In our death bed, our greatest regrets aren’t the things we did, but the things we didn’t do. The pretense we lived, the opportunity we let slip by and the dreams we didn’t pursue.

On the other hand, stop trying to detect how someone live his or her life. You can only guide, but it is their choice to make.


” Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced”Click To Tweet

Many great man and women have died, but unfulfilled simply because they saw life as a puzzle that needed solving. I’m not saying discovering problems and bringing solutions to them is bad, but forgetting to live in the moment is what rips off the amazing experience you should have had on this planet. There will always be problems, so why refuse to live in the moment?

One of the greatest life lesson that I have learned is having to sometimes change my mindset about a problem. That is the moment the problem cease being a problem.


Aristotle Onassis said,

“To be successful, you must act big, think big and talk big”Click To Tweet

If there’s one life lesson or quote that you should grab from this page, it should be this. Sometimes, we create our reality by how we act, think and talk. Don’t always look at the circumstances and say, “OH! I will never amount to anything” “OH! I will never be great” “OH! I can never be happy”

By always dwelling on the negative, you’re unconsciously creating your reality. By acting negatively and talking negatively, you have already fail even before you start.

The way we act, think and talk have a tremendous effect on our life. Where you are today being as a result of how you acted, thought and talked in the past.

Grasp this one secret and your life will never have remained the same. To know more, read this; LAW OF ATTRACTION.


“We meet people for a reason, it could be a blessing or a lesson” Click To Tweet

Another amazing quote on life lessons that have stuck in my memory overtime. Whoever that comes into your life is into your life for two things; to either be a blessing or a lesson.  But the mistake we often make is not wanting to learn, thereby getting the person stuck in our life, having him or her to constantly keep teaching us the bitter lesson till we learn the hard way and let go.

If someone in your life is a blessing, always strive to keep such a person, you need him or her to reach destiny. If someone in your life is causing you pain, hurt and sadness, they are teaching you a lesson. That however doesn’t make them a bad person. You just have to learn quickly and then let go of them.


“Life is you versus your fears”Click To Tweet

This quote on life lesson was said by an ancient philosopher whose name I have forgotten. But there are a whole lot of truth in them.

Looking at my life, the things I failed to do, it was because of fear. I was afraid to fail. Afraid to get hurt. Afraid to be rejected. Afraid of things that don’t even exist. Life is us versus our fears and I can’t agree more.

Take a look at your life. Why did you let the opportunities slip by? Ooohh.. don’t tell me. I know. The fear to fail.


“Like a camera, focus on what’s important”Click To Tweet

I know a friend who is so confused that he doesn’t know the turn to make in life. He has a lot of dreams and none of them have the central focus. Focus is missing. Is there’s one person on this earth who have learn about the power of focus, it will be me. There’s a saying, whatever we focus on expands. That is so true that quantum physicist will agree with me.

I know there are a lot of ideas passing through your mind like bullet trains. In all, focus on one if you must bring something to reality. This is another life quote that you should paste on the wall of your room.


“I didn’t go there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it” – Estee LauderClick To Tweet

Many of us sometimes lose ourselves by daydreaming and building castles in the air. If you want that good life, get your ass up and work for it. If will never come if you keep folding your arms and hoping for magic to happen, like you’re in a Disney land. It’s good to dream, to wish and to hope because it gives you the vibes needed to make it happen. All that is useless if you never work toward achieving that life which you want.


“Good books are like keys, setting you free and helping you see the world by standing at a point” – Henry IbelemeClick To Tweet

Many people see me as an epitome of wisdom today, thanks to the good books I’ve read and the ones I’m about to read. Your life will never be the same if you take reading as part of life. By reading good books, you shade off ignorance and embrace the light. I’m not talking about reading romance or detective novels, I’m talking about self-development books that will refine your mind, making you a better person.

According to fearless motivation, who you are today is as a result of the books you read 5 years ago. Please, make it a duty to read at least, one book a month.


This quotes of life lessons are quotes that the successful in our society will give an accolade because they held unto them and their life was never the same. If there are quotes which have also changed your life, please share with me by using the comment box below. I would be so excited to read them. Don’t forget to also share this awesome post using the social buttons below. Have an amazing life experience.

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