Office Romance: How To Handle Romance In Your Workplace

Office Romance: How To Handle Romance In Your Workplace

Love is a beautiful thing, the greatest force in all the universe. Many Love Doctors will say that love is the throne of the universe, the fabric of the world and the end purpose of our very existence. Every entrepreneur understands this and works into maximizing this unique force in other to foster productivity in workplace. But if romance in workplace isn’t effectively handled, it can spell doom to the business.

As an entrepreneur, should you engage in romance with your employees? Should you allow your employees indulge in such? The answer you give these questions is determined by the intentions of the parties and the intensity of their attraction. If their feelings for each other is affecting work activities, causing undue distractions, then something needs to be done.


If you’re single and searching for that lost rib of yours, looking inward, within your own establishment won’t be such a bad thing provided your intentions are pure and that you’re not condescending into some kind of moral decadence.

Many entrepreneurs see their business as an avenue to attract and sleep with young beautiful ladies, even married women. This is usually the beginning of doom cause such affairs always end up hurting the business brand, especially when there are leaks and rumors.


As an entrepreneur, you are free to indulge if your hope is to settle down as a married man or woman. The first approach matters a lot. Don’t appear flirty or slutty. That is definitely a wrong signal which usually mean no attachment other than sex. If you like any of your employee, treat him or her to a dinner, away from the office. Outside the office, we’re more real to ourselves.

Don’t send the wrong message through your body language. Be serious and the other party will take you serious. Don’t just rush it, wait for response, make sure that the other party wants the exact same thing. If there’s any rejection, take it maturely.

Workplace romance is fun, but dangerous when any of the party has some hidden selfish agenda. Most entrepreneurs avoid workplace romance like a plague. They prefer to get someone who will love them for who they are, not because of their establishment or wealth. Consider the outcomes before you ask him or her out on a dinner.


As long as their relationship isn’t in anyway affecting business operation, then allow them.  The only ground where work romance should be discouraged with all alacrity is when it affects work flow. If after some observation and you noticed that the relationship is purely on lust and nothing more, then they should be called to order by the management. If they persist, please tender a sack letter.

Many organizations don’t even give room for work romance because they see it as derailment to the business aims and goals. That is why before they employ any individual, they spell out it boldly in their agreement. The potential employee must agree before he can start working officially.



When you as an entrepreneur engaged in any form of romance with your employee, there are high chances that the other party will see it as an opportunity to reap where he or she did not sow. If the other party doesn’t love you, they will pretend to just for the rewards that awaits them. In such a relationship with someone so selfish, you see yourself spending more than is necessary on the person and in turn, the business suffers.

I usually advice entrepreneurs who care to listen: Avoid office romance at all cost. It’s too risky. It’s best you go outside and find someone who actually love you for who you are. Not really for what you are and what they will gain. This is done to avoid stories that touches the heart.


Romance is good, but make sure the signs are real, make sure it’s worth the risk before taking the first step to prophesy love. Also, help your employees know how to effectively manage such a relationship. Remember, we’re humans and are prone to grow an attachment with someone who we spend the most time with. Falling in love in most cases is inevitable.

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