How To Start Laptop Importation Business in Nigeria

laptop importation business

Welcome to yet another definitive guide on Laptop importation business. Now, the Business of Laptop importation has been in existence for a while but only opened to those with the right information on how to go about it. This is a very lucrative and easy business to start up and given the rapid growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Nigeria, the business will still be in vogue for a while.

What is Laptop Importation Business All About?

Simply put, the business of laptop importation is similar to any other business that involves the importation of goods or services from outside Nigeria. The only thing is that here, we are concerned about Laptop(s) and, perhaps, other laptop accessories.

It involves the buyer looking for some reliable stores, usually online, where the laptops could be sourced from.

Types of Laptop Importation Business Models

There are 2 ways in which an entrepreneur just coming into this business can go about it:

Buying Brand New Laptops:

These are brand new laptops coming from the manufacturing company or their (major) supplier store.

Buying refurbished Laptops:

These are fairly-used laptops which are sometimes referred to as second-hand or “tokumbo” in the Nigeria market.

The Profitability and Market For Laptop Importation Business in Nigeria

This business is still at its booming stage due to the many opportunities that are still untapped. This is because many sellers in Nigeria depends on the big importers to buy their goods at a more costly price instead of importing directly from abroad, which, of course, is far much cheaper and with a greater profit margin. It is so profitable that you can make as much as 300% profit per laptop sold to your Nigerian audience.


Laptop Importation Business in Nigeria Has Improved Over The Years.

With the growth of ICT-related businesses in Nigeria today and the entire world, the demand for laptop Personal Computers (PCs) is increasing in Nigeria. This can go for as much as N100, 000 for new laptops and about three-quarter of the price for a fairly-used or refurbished one.

However, all thanks to the internet, it is now possible and much easier to contact laptop manufacturers and merchants from any destination, do a seamless transaction and get your products delivered to you within ample time. This improvement has thus enabled small startups with lean capital to acquire smaller units of laptop stock for free or at a highly subsidized shipping fee.

Steps To Starting Laptop Importation Business In Nigeria

Follow the steps below to start Laptop Importation Business in Nigeria today:

Get Your Initial Capital:

Laptop importation business in Nigeria does not cost so much to start. With as low as N20, 000, you can start by importing one or two low-cost laptops from China or the USA. As you make more money from the business, you can scale up.

Get The Necessary Laptop Importation Tools, Facilities:

The equipment required for this business can include

  1. A computer or Mobile phone that has internet access.
  2. A working physical address where your goods will be delivered.
  3. A valid email address or phone number to register with the online store and communicate with your supplier during shipping.

Search For And Buy From Reliable Supplies/Suppliers/Stores:

Laptop importation is basically done online on merchant sites such as AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, Konga, Jumia etc. While there, map out those sellers with an average positive feedback rating, customer response etc. This is a sign that at least such stores are genuine and reliable.

Choose Your shipping model:

The seller will indicate availability or non-availability of Free Shipping service. Where there is no free shipping, it is your responsibility as the buyer to arrange or alternatively, pay for the custom duty charges for shipping. This comes becomes more pronounced when you are buying laptops in bulk. Of course, you can discuss this with the seller who could recommend for you a reliable courier or Freight forwarding company with a standby clearing agent.

Fix Your Price:

This is arrived out by working out the cost of the store/warehouse where your laptop is being housed, shipping fee and the prevailing market price for laptops in Nigeria. This way, you will neither be overcharging nor undercharging your customers and clients.


This covers staffing and advisers for Laptop Importation Business in Nigeria


Laptop importation requires only you making the order and getting your supply, but the marketing aspect may entail you employing some extra hand like salesperson, storekeeper especially when you plan to do it big.


Your one-stop-shop for advice in this business is mostly from the comments and reviews from the previous customer or a particular buyer available on an online store you are buying from. This will guard you against scammers and imposters. Feedback from your own customers, clients, merchants is also a good decider as to whether you are doing well in this business or not.

Marketing & Advertisement Strategies

Let us now consider how to market and boost the Profitability and sustainability of Laptop Importation Business in Nigeria.

Below are some of the available options you might use:-

  1. Distribute banners, fliers etc.
  2. Mount a signboard or banner bearing your business description boldly at the entrance of your shop. This is also a good way of attracting new customer.
  3. Run Television, Radio, and Social Media adverts

Final Tips

To survive in this business, there are some tips you need to follow. Some of them include

  1. Never buy from a site that is not verified or certified for security (SSL)
  2. Do not pay money directly to the seller or supplier. Rather, use an escrow. In importation business, and elsewhere, an escrow acts as a middleman between the buyer and the seller. He remits the funds to a seller after satisfactory receipt of product or service ordered by a buyer.

Now, since you are importing the laptops directly from abroad, at a much cheaper rate, you can always sell your products at a much lower rate to attract new customers.

You need to carry out regular market research and ensure you follow your laid-down marketing plan and strategy. With time, you would have built your business from scratch to an empire.

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  2. Amusa Olaide

    nice one bro. I am aspiring to be a laptop importer and my request is this kind post me list of merchant or stores were i can buy from at low price and re-sell . I would be glad. I would also like you to mentor me in business. The information i ask can be mail to my box.

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