I Sincerely Apologize For The Downtime

I got to know that EntMirror is down when a reader gave me a call, I relaid it to my host only to find out that the server is having some issues and they were working toward migrating to another reliable server. It wasn’t an easy journey cause I was depressed all through. One of the major hurdle I encountered was restoring all my backups, but I’m glad it worked out later.

A reader contacted me, he was scared like perhaps, EntMirror have been shutdown. I found it very hilarious and at the same time, touching. EntMirror is going nowhere. We have a lot to accomplish together. We have not even started yet.

I want to give special thanks to my assistant, David Arome and Betahost247 for all their help. 1st of February was David Arome’s convocation, I didn’t even know until later in the day. Yet, he took it upon himself and made sure all our backups were successfully restored. I owe him a lot for the disturbance. I really disturbed him and Musa, a staff at Betahost, which I hate to do.

Thanks to you too, for your calls, mails and Happy New Month wishes. I sincerely wish you the same. Don’t lose faith in EntMirror, she’s going nowhere.

Thanks for everything. Time to kick off from where we stopped. YAY!

Henry Ibeleme

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