How To Start House Painting Business In Nigeria

house painting Business

House painting business is among the cheapest and easiest businesses to start in Nigeria. Today, you can operate this business from your home with as small as N10,000. The catch is that because it is a relatively easy business to start, the possibility of meeting heavy competition in the business is sure. Following the guidelines in this article will not only help you beat the competition but also give you a total package on how to run this business successfully.

Why House Painting?

House painting aims at improving the aesthetic state of a building. Secondly, it is to protect a building, structure or facility from damage by environmental elements such as water, mold, rusting, insects, and corrosion, etc. A house painter is a trained personnel who handles house painting and decoration services.

Popular House Painting Business Models In Nigeria

(1) Home Decorations:

The home-decorating type of house painting is one of those DIY jobs most people try at least once in their lifetimes. It is, however, a skilled craft. So, the best training for it is on the job.

(2) Industrial Paintings

industrial painting is another skilled craft in the house painting business which is applied in the finishing and protection of buildings, industrial plants, and facilities.

How Lucrative Is The Business?

Yes, it is. Generally, in Nigeria, painters can earn on average about N2,000,000 per year. This amount can change depending on the frequency of jobs, or the company a painter works at. The general average salary for painters in Nigeria is about N2000 per hour, which is far above the National minimum wage (N18,000).

Market Demand For House Painting In Nigeria, Competition, And Opportunities.

Nigeria is currently witnessing a steady rise in building construction, which calls for painting services as well. Given these prospects, however, there is stiff competition. New painters and established ones are constantly at loggerheads for relevance in the industry. Everyone is trying to survive, especially when domiciled in the same locality. So, do not expect it all easy. Brace up and rise to the challenge.

Steps To Start House Painting Business In Nigeria

Follow the steps if you wish to start a House Painting business in Nigeria today:

(1) Get And Register Your Business Name: Before you start your painting business, ensure you register your business name with the CAC and other regulatory bodies, these bodies will provide you with the necessary registration and licensing needed to operate your business in Nigeria.

(2) Get The Equipment/Machinery Needed to Produce paint: This may include some of the followings:-

  1. A pair of adjustable ladders
  2. A set of assorted brushes and rollers
  3. Paint trays
  4. A sprayer
  5. A breathing mask
  6. A Set of heavy-duty sprayers and compressors
  7. A set of scaffolding
  8. A Pickup van for movement of men and materials.

(3) Draw up a Good Business Plan: Create a document that describes the focus of your business. Decide whether you will do interior painting, exterior painting or a combination.

(4) Determine Your Pricing: Your product price must not be too high so that it will not discourage potential clients and business partners. Do not also under-price to avoid unnecessary losses. Keep it moderate and affordable.

Your Management Plan/Team

This covers staffing and advisers for House Painting Business  in Nigeria

  1. Staffing: Consider hiring staff to assist your painting business. In the early stages, you may need to be the only person to help with painting jobs. But as the business expands, consider hiring a few helping hands.
  2. Advisers: These are veterans in the field day of House Painting, tips on design and types of paint could be gotten from such people.

Marketing and Advertisement Strategies:

  1. Produce branded clothes with your company name and logo clearly displayed. These must be worn by your staffs while on site. Do likewise to your company’s vehicles, equipment, tools, vans, trucks etc.
  2. Advertise your house painting business in local Newspapers, directories, magazines, and yellow pages.
  3. Update yourself and expose your business to a wider audience at seminars, expos, and business fairs on and related to real estate.
  4. Create different packages for different category of clients in order to work with their budgets.
  5. Engage in direct marketing and referral marketing as well as email marketing to drive in more leads.

Profitability & Sustainability Tips

Understand that as a new entrant into the business line, it is not going to be all rosy. So, be proactive, innovative, courteous and engage in meaningful market interactions for success. Do not wait for people to come to you. Rather, go to them.

Visit building sites, drop your proposal/quotations and follow them up aggressively. Provide quality services and continuously improve your customer service delivery. Give out freebies and kickbacks to your loyal customers in a bid to keep them with you.

Final Thoughts

House painting business, as you have seen, is not capital intensive. All you need are the requisite steps to scale through, which has been answered in this article.

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