Financial Intelligence: The Determinant of Your Financial Status

Financial Intelligence: The Determinant of Your Financial Status

We usually have an exaggerated perception of our ability to manage our finance but in the end, we find ourselves in doldrums when the prices of our undoing come crashing back at us. Financial intelligence isn’t the type of intelligence school inculcates. That is one of the most vital piece missing in that system.

Over the years as an entrepreneur, I have meet a lot of promising business men and women who find it hard to track their income and expenses by allowing receipts get missing. They find it hard to keep track of activities that’s going on. They see such activity as being too brainy and tasking to the brain. Later on, their business end up paying the price.

In this post, I’m going to guide you on how you can hone your financial skills. This will help a great deal in attaining financial freedom and fulfillment here on this planet. If others can do it, you too can.

I know a lot of business consultants who have erroneously guide innocent and aspiring entrepreneurs to the darkest pit on earth in the pretense of giving financial advice. I do not give financial advice; I give financial education. With such knowledge, you don’t need my input when you’re about to make a decision.



I’m a hardcore reader and after many years of reading, some many books have helped a lot in my financial knowledge. I’m not going to list them all on this page, but I can give a quick guide on how you can get awesome books that adds to your knowledge on how to create and manage wealth. Some of the books that I have read are “Rich Dad Poor Dad” By Robert Kiyosaki. “The Richest Man in Babylon” By Robert Greene.

There are more books like “The Rich Investor” and so on. Hit the bookshop and see things for yourself. You can also take a peep at Google to get exposed to more enlightening books on financial intelligence.


EntMirror is one of the top business blogs in Nigeria and if you’re looking for a platform that take special interest in your personal development, then stick to this blog by bookmarking it. There are also numerous business and entrepreneurship blogs out there that will make a difference in your life in the world of business, discover them and follow.


Most people here in Nigeria don’t attend seminars, especially one that comes with a fee. Even some seminars that are free end up not attracting any number unless you promise to hold the formula that makes one rich in six seconds. Financial intelligence isn’t all about managing your money, it also entails being realistic when making money is concerned. By attending seminars, you expose yourself to a lot.


One of the major constraints entrepreneurs face is the choice of visuals that adds to their self-development. There are lots of channel like Bloomberg which is actually Dangote’s favorite channel. This kind of channels has programs that helps entrepreneurs a lot in their daily business activities. There are other similar channels, discover them and stick to it.


Financial intelligence is very critical subject entrepreneurs shouldn’t overlook, not even for one seconds because it might spell doom. Keep following this blog and you’ll see yourself improve in all ramification. See you next time!

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