Escaping The Rat Race Is The Entrepreneur’s Purpose

Escaping The Rat Race Is The Entrepreneur’s Purpose

Robert Kiyosaki, one of the numerous entrepreneurs I respect so much in the world of business developed a board game that helps his students understand the full concept behind the rat race and what it really means to escape it. This game is frustrating to say the least, but once the student grasps the rule, he enters into the fast lane which is where the cheese is. Unfortunately, many waste years of their life, still stuck in the rat race.

The rat race is a race of monotony, a race of non-growth and stagnation. It’s a depressing race that every entrepreneur fights to escape even if it means staying awake all night, working on their dream. The first step into escaping the rat race and entering into the fast lane is when an individual understands for certain that a job cannot grant financial freedom.

Many know the rule of this game, but the spirit of indecision and laziness has handicapped them, hindering them from taking the first step that will grant them a life of freedom. Instead, they prefer to remain with their ugly boss that treats them like trash for a paycheck that will end up being swallowed in debt at every month end.

Have you ever wondered why that working class person still remain in same spot year after year despite not being owed by the organization he or she is working with? The problem isn’t lack of management skill; the problem is the race. There are also some self-acclaimed entrepreneurs who, despite being self-employed are still stuck in this appalling rat race. What could be wrong? How can one really escape and experience real financial freedom, a stage where money no longer matter?



The entitlement mentality is what the school system programs into the student’s mind, making them believe that the government owns them a job, a free medical service and retirement benefit. They believe that by having a degree, that they deserve all the goodies. To escape the rat race, the first step is dealing away with this lame mindset. You don’t need a job, what you need is business. Many will ask, if everyone has a business, who then will they employ? The truth is; not everyone will start a business no matter how fervently it’s preached. The same reason only 10% of the world population can boast of being financially free.

If you’re already in a job that has turned you to a slave, it’s still not too late. Discover a side-hustle, a business that has to do with your dream as a person. Many a time, we forsake our dream for a mere paycheck. No wonder a man once said, salary is the bribe given for you to forget your dream.


Starting a business doesn’t guarantee an escape from the rat race. I know numerous business persons who still live from hand to mouth no matter how much work they put into their business. This happens when the entrepreneur is yet to incorporate the growth mentality. Starting a business is the first step, but growing the business into a brand that sales is a whole new ball game.

That is why the petty trader across the street is yet to become financial free, cause she’s yet to grow and expand. Her shop is the same month after month, year after year.

If you already have a business but still struggle with finance, it is not the witches in your village. You’re yet to set the mechanism that helps you escape from money trouble. Employ more workers, expand your space, buy more machines and materials, create awareness and see your financial status change for the better.


The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich has numerous sources of income, the poor has only one source. Having one stream of income is dangerous. There’s an Igbo adage that said that putting all your eggs in one basket is risky. They aren’t far from the truth.

Diversify your income. If you’re into importation of goods, delve into real estate. Work on acquiring more assets that finances your liability.  The more sources of income, the richer you’ll be and the earlier you escape the rat race and entering into the fast lane.


The subject of money is the one subject that is not taught in school. That is why every aspiring millionaire need to start studying about the rules and language of money. if you resign to dwell in your ignorance, it will disappear from your hands like morning dews.

Stick to educative blogs like EntMirror, read financial and self-development books. There are even movies that stimulates your interest in a terrific way. Stick to those things and you’ll see your ability in making money improve. Financial illiteracy is what you need to escape the rat race.


The kind of association you move with will determine where you end in life as an entrepreneur. If you move with folks that has nothing to offer materially, mentality and otherwise, then they are a liability and should be cut off immediately. Many people will see this as been a harsh practice, but it isn’t at all. it’s not easy, that’s why many entrepreneurs are in doldrums, because they allowed emotions to take greater control over their business.

If you can move with people who aspire to achieve more in life, those who are passionate to escape the rat race, they will serve as a charge that propels you into putting more efforts in making your dream become a reality.


Escaping the rat race is the aim of every entrepreneur. It’s not about working hard; it’s about working smart. Many people usually confuse movement with progress, but it isn’t. in the rat race, you might be running like a dauntless lion with no break, but you’re merely running in circles. No matter how hard or fast you work on the rat race, you’re still in same position year after year, stagnant in one ugly spot.

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