EntMirror Is Celebrating Her Birthday Today

It all felt like yesterday, that I launched this blog, but it’s over a year. WOW! So hard to describe how I feel in words. My first step in starting this blog wasn’t serious. To be frank with you, I never knew what I was doing.

Like Mark Zuckerberg said, ideas don’t come out fully formed, they only become clear as you work on them.

Today, that idea is clear and the purpose set.

First year of blogging wasn’t rosy. I remember when I was hacked. I mean, I nearly got a heart attack. Why would someone hack me? Anyway, everything was back to normal after three days. Praise God!

What about plagiarism? A lot of copy and paste bloggers really dealt with me. The worst is them ranking higher than you, the original author. That was when I was new, struggling to find my spot online. Today, I care not about them anymore. Although it hurts, to spend sleepless nights working on a post, only for someone else lift it up with Ctrl A and Ctrl V..

In all the challenges, I was learning, gaining priceless experiences.




If you haven’t bought my book that worth over N10,000, “HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A FREELANCE WRITER”

You will get it today if you’re lucky. The first 10 people to comment, indicating interest will have it delivered to their mail inbox.


I’m going to also help design 3 blogs to the first 3 persons to indicate interest in the comment section. This offer is only valid if you have a domain and a host.


I’m going to take my friends and some few bloggers out today.. Let’s go have fun, and relieve one year of stress. It was never easy. If you’re not in Umuahia North. Forget it.. Better you be with us in the spirit.


Thank You so much for your support, I would have done nothing without you. Thanks for your visits, comments and contributions. EntMirror grew so fast.. The amount of views I get daily surprise me. I never anticipated that growth, although I worked hard to make sure that I have unique and helpful post in here.. Without you, it would have been a fruitless effort.


Wish EntMirror Happy Birthday using the comment box.. Seriously, I want to hear your thoughts about EntMirror.

17 Replies to “EntMirror Is Celebrating Her Birthday Today”

  1. Joshua

    One year? Or 10 years? I’m not understanding. This blog looks old Biko. One of the best blogs so far. Henry, Am your number one fan.

  2. Presh

    Congratulations entmirror, I do read your blog.
    It takes a lot of work to get to where you are.

    I need a blog design. Its a blogger blog though.

  3. emmanuel

    to me this blog is like 10years old. This blog is relly working, we hope to see more work. Happy birth day entmirror

  4. Raphael

    That’s wonderful, here’s saying a hearth felt happy birthday to entmirror.

    Henry, your effort on this blog is second to none compared to its age, larger and bigger you I pray brotherly.

    I won’t forget how much of assistance you’ve offered towards my development and advancement in this lane. Of a truth “Nwanne di na mba”.

    Humble and passionate request, kindly help with my SEO brotherly!!

  5. Eze

    Happy Birthday to a visionary leader and an astute entrepreneur per excellence. You are a unique individual with a divine mandate to alleviate poverty in the land. KUDOS to you and your tireless efforts. God be with you, my dear brother. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

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