If It Was Easy, Everyone Will Be Doing It

If It Was Easy, Everyone Will Be Doing It

Many a time, I’ve gotten a lot of mails and calls from my readers, telling me with a tearful tone how the road to success is so freaking hard. They wish the road was easier, they wish they could do it easily without having to sweat for it, but reverse is the case.

The road to success isn’t easy nor rosy, but filled with a lot of thorns, stones and mountains. I have been down that road and I know exactly how depressing it feels. It’s hard! Well, that is what makes the journey of success more interesting. If it were easy, everyone will be successful.

Imagine if it were easy. Just imagine it! Everyone will be the best footballer, the best actor and actress. If the road to success was easy, everyone will be successful in business. But sadly, it isn’t and that’s why everyone isn’t successful. You’ve to be hungry for success. You have to want it so badly, like a wounded lion seeking for his last meal. You have to be obsessed about your dream if it must materialize.

Years ago when I was still a lad, very inexperience and naïve. I envisioned the top to be very easy. I never expected what I saw at the foot of the mountain. I saw horrendous monsters, hurdles, obstacles and stones. Stupid me, I gave up the quest and took the easy road. It was years later that I solved the puzzle of life. A puzzle each and every one of us have to solve to actually see the world as it is and attain success in all areas of our endeavors.


Many people ask, “Why do I have to pass through all these?”

The truth is: these challenges have to come, to grow you into being able to handle success when it comes. If it comes on a platter of gold, you definitely will be confused and foolish. In extreme cases, it might even kill you.

When chasing your dreams, crisis and problems aren’t there to stop you, but to grow you into being a better person, into being able to handle success when it comes. Your mindset in the face of these problems determines how your experience will be.


Not everyone is ready to feel the pain. It’s not everyone that will love the experience that comes before success. That alone should be enough motivation that fuels you into greatness. If someone did it, you too can. The reason why everyone is not successful is because it’s not everyone that’s ready to pay the price. Many people want the prize, but not everyone is willing to pay the price.


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