Do You Really Want To Give Up On Your Dream?

Depression give up life is freaking painful, but suffering is a choice

In that moment of darkness, when all you see is nothingness, what do you do? That moment when depression is trying to engulf your very existence, when all you hear is doubts and the hysterical laughter of failure. That my friend is the moment legends were born. Before a fine glittering gold gets to the gold shop, it passes through an excruciating process that words cannot describe. In that moment of refinery, will you pull out or keep pushing forward?

I’ve seen people start up with nothing and before they ended, they had the world. I have seen lots of people who are at the pinnacle of their career today but guess what, they started with nothing. They came from the poorest background. They never had any connection. Their mama was an ordinary road-side seller, while their father was a wretched drunkard. If they started with a disadvantage and yet, ended up having everything, you my dear have no excuse.

Listen to me, you’ve got no excuse at all. If it has been done before, then it can be done. Your problem is your version of reality. Do you believe that life is unfair to you? Do you think that you’re been punished? If that is your mindset, if that is what you think, then you’re the architect of your doom. Life is painful no doubt, but suffering is a choice.

Bob Marley said that some people feel the rain, while some get wet. When your perception of life gets altered as a result of enlightenment, as a result of reading this article, that is when everything begins to make sense. That is when you see the universe as a system of order and principle. That is when you get to understand that failure, disappointment, betrayal, break up and all the crisis you’re facing right now weren’t sent to break you, but to make you stronger. To help bring out the best version of YOU!

That hardship you’re passing through right now isn’t there to drown you, it’s there to build you, to grow you. When I look back over the years I have spent on this planet earth, I get convinced that there’s nothing like accident. Every good and bad that happened served a purpose for a greater good. If I had given up, I never would have found out. If I had throw in the towel in defect, I doubt if I will be here writing this amazing piece.

I hear people everyday talk about luck. Luck is bullshit. It doesn’t exist. I believe that luck happens only when you’ve done the work. When you have fought like a lone wolf toward your dream. If you fold your arms waiting for luck to locate you, then you will have to wait for eternity. Trust me, no one is coming to save your sorry ass. You have got to stand up and take charge like a captain. If you give up now, you’ve not only failed yourself, you’ve failed countless of people whose purpose in life are tied to yours. Do you really want to give up?

I’m sure you’re saying; Henry, you’ll never understand the crisis I’m passing through right now.”

You’re right. No one understands. But you do. Ask yourself; How can I leverage this pain so that it grows me? How can I use this pain to become better, wiser and become the best version of myself? This crisis isn’t a punishment, it’s an opportunity to those who wants to use them. Life is freaking painful, but suffering is a choice.

Stop fighting that darkness, that monster that stands on the way. Embrace it. I said embrace it. Let it be your teacher, let it discipline you. If you can’t pass through that excruciating process, then you’re not ready to appear at the pinnacle. Time will come when you’ll look back over the years, the battle you fought and you’ll be glad it came. You’ll pat yourself at the back for not giving up. Think about a moment in your life when everything seems to be lost and how you were able to go through it. You’re stronger than you can ever imagine. All you need is just to take a look at the mirror and see that uniqueness. That which makes you special.

In this dark moment, don’t try to drown yourself in alcohol, in women or drugs. Find that which makes you smile. Go out and embrace nature. Play a guitar. Gang out with friends who inspires you, who gives you reasons not to give up. The greatest gift you can ever give to yourself is having the right friends who accepts you and see greatness in you.

And above all, never ever give up. If it’s still painful, it means it’s not the end. After a storm, there will surely be sunshine. Be positive, expect good things to happen and in the end, you’ll die with a smile and a sense of fulfillment in life.

Have you ever feel like giving up?

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