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Boooooooooo…. Boooooooooo.. The booing sound of the alarm, spring me up from bed in the early hours of the morning as I fling my hand around, to shut it down or better yet, break it and go back to bed. But after seconds of futile attempts, my body was already awake as the light from the window hit my retina.

It’s 6am in the morning.. The sun was gradually coming up with her bright smiles and I couldn’t resist but smile in return. Just when I thought about going closer to the window, to sway the curtain aside and allow the morning sun wash me clean with her energy, my phone began to ring. My heart skipped, like it always do whenever there’s a call and I keep wondering, why? Maybe because of the uncertainty surrounding every call that I receive.

“Hello! Good morning! Am I unto Henry, the CEO of EntMirror?” the voice from the other end echoed.

“Yes, this is Henry” I replied, trying hard to make my vocal sound deeper and official. But I failed terribly.

“First of all sir, I want to thank you for the good works you’ve been doing. I’ve been on your blog all night, awesome contents I must say. But it wasn’t enough to help me” There was a long pause as I listened intently. There was something in his tone, intelligence and depression.

This isn’t my first time encountering depressed individuals who seem highly intelligent. I remember being in that pothole myself years ago.

“Sir, the reason I called was because I want to give it all up. I’ve tried but somehow, everything seems to be working against my very existence. I’m a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsuka, studied Civil Engineering and for seven years, I have been living from hand to mouth.” There were waverings in his voice, like he was about to break down in tears so I had to intervene.

“What’s your name young man” I finally spoke with a voice devoid of emotions. I don’t mind if the person on the other end is a grandpa, I prefer using “young man” on whoever that calls, to establish my throne.. Not for superiority sake, but to raise a shoulder to cry upon – Like father to his child.

“Mike, my name is Mike sir” he replied almost immediately.

“Well, Mr Mike. You’re right about one thing. Everything is fighting against you. Everything! But that’s not the problem here. The problem is, you’re also fighting against yourself”

“How do you mean Sir? I don’t understand. I have done all I could to get a job here in Nigeria to no avail. I have also tried establishing my own business but within three months, it crumbled to the ground. How am I fighting against myself?”

“By believing that everything is against you, you have created a reality that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Vocalizing it makes hell break loose, bringing forth your worst nightmare before you. Your perception, beliefs and words creates your world. Who you are today is a product of who were yesterday – the things you believe and your perception. Instead of anticipating the worst, expect good things to happen. Proclaim them and work toward achieving them. Do this everyday and you’ll see a difference in your life.”

“Thanks so much sir. Indeed, I was my own devil. I’m going to follow all your social handles, I need your positivity in my life” he said, and I could hear chuckles of laughter. Hearing that alone made my morning as I hang up.

My day always start like this… Sometimes it starts with calls from crying individuals. Sometimes with people full of appreciation. Other days, I get awakened by calls begging for financial assistance like I’m boiling on millions of dollars. . What about mails? Ohhh! It’s overwhelming.. I’d better not check it this morning.

As a student in Entrepreneurial Studies department, I live in a one bedroom flat. It’s more than a typical student room cause I have a huge shelve filled with terrific books. Not academic, but self development and business books by renowned authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Robert Greene, Nipolean Hill etc. In the other side of the room is my office space, a medium sized table with a chair. A mug, which was previously used to drink coke could be seen on the table, and a flower vase on the other edge. In the middle lies my HP system – The mitochondria. This is where I create sumptuous articles daily.

First thing first, I check my social media accounts like facebook, to know what’s happening beyond this small world of mine. Having accepted few friend request, liked and comment on some post, then I head over to my blog to know what’s up. Maybe to know if I’ve been hacked lol..

After that, the next destination becomes checking my earnings for the day, that’s actually my favorite part. I also make calls across my writers, to inspire them for the day. I also don’t forget calling my business managers, those handling my offline businesses and investments to know the latest development.

Everyday is always fun and business to me.

By 9am, I’m already getting ready for class. I love dressing simple. I mean, Mark Zuckerberg style. A polo with a Jean. I hate shoes like hell. I prefer to wear palm, they fit so comfortably, making me work with so much simplicity. I also don’t leave the house without a watch and my tablet at hand to monitor comments and traffic.

I don’t know how it happened, but everyone around campus seems to know that I’m a blogger. No thanks to my friends who love hyping me whenever they see a chance. I hate being unmasked, but it’s beyond my control.

My department is filled with lazy lectures, so instead of getting lectured, I sometimes end up in an unending argument with my friends. These are friends who also see the world as it is.. Our arguments could range from business to religion and most of the time, it always involve the application of logic. There’s never a boring moment with them.

Once lectures are done for the day, I get back home, prepare my next article and schedule for the next morning.

In my own litle world, I’m trying to hard to make a difference. To make the world a better place and at the same time, not suffering in the expense of that. When it comes to having a personal treaty, I think I’m good at that. I love shopping despite being a guy.. Well, there’s no law prohibiting guys from loving shopping lol..

I also love walking to a popular joint, just to order isi ewu and nkwobi.. One of the delicacies not joked with by the Igbos.

There are also days when I’m hard on myself, like I should have long passed this stage in life. Like I should have achieved more.. These days are usually days when depression becomes a friend, but I always end up seeing the light and embracing happiness. What works most in such a lonely and dark day is watching epic Hollywood movies. They work like magic to elevate my mood.

I believe that we all can collectively make the world a better place. No matter how little, we can contribute to this dying word, we can leave a footprint that can never be erased from the sand of history. It’s not always a rosy path, but it’s a path worth journeying.

This is how my days usually span out as a business blogger and entrepreneur here in Nigeria. They aren’t boring or monotonous, there’s always a spice up here and there.. Please, make yours fun. If you’re still in a job that takes away your happiness, it’s time to quit and start your business. Do only that which makes you come alive, not what kills the life in you. Tell me, what is your day like? Use the comment box.

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  1. oluwaseun

    i love this a lot,it really inspiring,but i think you should support this piece with pictures,your room,you and your friends,your book shelf,pics at the shopping mall,joint,e.t.c.it will really add more vibe to it,but to be sincere i really love this,seriously your life has being so good,it the type someone should envy.keep it up

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