5 Tips To Cultivating The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship

cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurship

Many people think that being an entrepreneur is a calling, something that someone has to be born with before success can be attained. Unfortunately, that’s hogwash because I have seen people rise from the lowest entrepreneurial background and yet, make a name in the world of business. Many rely on the delusion that everyone must not be an entrepreneur and as thus, live in perpetual poverty. But if you, my dear, wants to live in freedom in this world of intense struggle and victimization, entrepreneurship is a path you must take.

In today’s article, I want to help you cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship. In a country, Nigeria, where getting a job is a battle. In a country where over thirty million graduates are unemployed, you really need the tips that I’m going to share in this article. You need it to dwell in financial freedom.


it’s not everyone that has broken the barriers and limitations imposed by our mortal mind. Cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurship deals with letting go of restrictions and embracing possibilities. Years ago, I went through life with the mindset that for one to end up rich, he has got to come from a rich home, with rich connection. Being born with such a privilege is head-start no doubt, but it doesn’t determine your end. All it takes is discovering your purpose, your passion in business and setting a goal on how to reach the pinnacle. The more defined and clear your purpose is, the easier it will be to achieve. Anything is possible. You can become the richest the world looks up to. Break the limitations in your mind and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Because of the fear of risk, many have lived their life in mediocrity, stomaching loads of insult from a young boss. I was in a small firm few days ago, was called as a consultant, to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. What I witnessed brought tears to my very eyes. For many times in my life, I was glad I choose the path to self-reliance. I patted myself for seeing what the future holds and taking heed while the sun shines. If I hadn’t, I wonder the magnitude of depression I would have being dwelling through. Being an employee is very risky compared to starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur. Everything in life is all about risk. Nothing comes with roses. So, when you choose the easy path, you are merely choosing hell. To cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship, you have to believe that not taking risk is risky.


To make money as an entrepreneur, you need to dwell in passion, that skill or gift that heightens your ego whenever it’s exhibited. You can become a sensational entrepreneur as a writer, singer, agriculturist; shoe maker etc. all it takes is establishing a venture and growing from there. Mr. Dick is doing awesome as a writer doesn’t mean you should delve into that line of business. You have to discover your field and build a domain around it. I for instance, I’m a writer and have written a lot of materials that gears its reads to starting a business. By impacting through my writing, I make a huge amount of money daily. What are you good at? Capitalize on it and make your world a better place to live in.


Many are good with reading motivational and development books, but not so good at executing. This is where mental and physical laziness takes the wheel. What good is reading and learning if it has no impact? Why waste time reading huge loads of text when you’ll never incorporate what you have read in your daily life? This is the only hindrance in the way of aspiring entrepreneurs today. They have what it takes to make history, but they have been handicapped by indecision. Or is it laziness? Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit has to do with tackling every form of laziness.


Great men and women who left a mark in the sand of time never gave up. In fact, the word FAILURE doesn’t exist. It only does the moment one stop trying. Talk about Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Ibeto etc… These are people who failed many times before they were able to scale through. The road to success is paved with failure and they worked with boldness and courage knowing that failure is a prerequisite to success. In your journey as an entrepreneur, be ready to embrace failure, not run from it.


All that is needed to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship is already in you. Every one of us has it. What you need do is taking an extra step to discover where your heart lies. When found, success becomes an easy feat that can be attained. If you have any question, use the comment box and I will respond immediately. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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