How To Boost Your Business In Nigeria With Social Media

Social media and business in Nigeria has come a long way. Although it has taken various forms over the years to reach their potential audience, from the use of television advertisement, radio, hand bills and fliers all in the aim to reach thousands or millions of people to buy their products. But with the advancement in technology and development of smartphones and personal computing systems, newer strategies needs to be adopted to reach the millions of end users who spend most of their time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  – most especially in Nigeria.


This is the means of monitoring and facilitating customer-customer interaction, participation and sharing through digital media to encourage positive engagement with a business and its products, leading to commercial sale of products on a social media platform. Basically, this means using social media platforms to reach more audience for your products and services easily and in real-time; and cost effectively. Advertising is essential to every business and the ability to engage millions of audience for your product is an added value.

Statistically, Nigeria is the 8th amongst the top ten countries with the most internet users in the world, out of about 150 countries, this is a huge audience with the number of smartphone users estimated at 15.5 million users with 70% surfing the internet with their smartphones, imagine just reaching out to even a percentage of the users with your products, this could lead to huge sales on the long run.

The top social media platforms which can boost your business online in Nigeria are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

These are the top 3 with high user engagement social media networks in Nigeria

Did you know that?

  • On Instagram, about 55 million photos and videos are uploaded daily.
  • About 100 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube per minute.
  • Facebook has more than a billion active users, with about 1.57 billion monthly users and 1.03 million daily active users.
  • Twitter has a monthly active users estimated at 328 million with 500 million tweets sent per day.

Imagine using these platforms to advertise your products and services, and the tremendous sales it will pull in for your business.



A Facebook Business Page: It’s like your personal account page, but instead of having to approve friends, anyone can come along and click the Like and can see the various products you have on sale and can even place an order for it directly on the page. Your Facebook Business Page contains information about your business, your physical store location, and how customers can reach out to you if the need more products especially in bulk. Also on your Page, you can update your status, post interesting articles about your products and services and receive comments.

Always update your Facebook business page regularly with your products and it will keep your page active for potential customers who might like your product. A good rule of thumb is to try to update every few days. At least once a week, though more is better.

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Ideas for Great Facebook Business Page Updates

  • Use images of your product with a brief description and price
  • One or two sentences about something happening in your area
  • Good news about your business or latest products in stock
  • Promotions or discount sale


What can your business get out of a Twitter presence,? The platform allows you to connect on a personal level with potential and existing customers. As a small business, this is an incredible asset as you become a company your customers know and trust. Because you can quickly respond to customers’ tweets, you can build great rapport. Depending on your business, you may choose to post about daily specials, spread the word about events in your town or share links that discuss topics relating to your business or your customers’ needs. Remember that you are trying to reach customers, so you want to keep it friendly and interesting to them with regular updates and engagements.

Building your audience is a two-fold task. First, you need to follow other,  this populates your Twitter stream with tweets. Be sure to follow individuals in your field and other businesses in your physical and professional community and there followers and potentials customers will also follow your business page. Each of these will have shared interests with you. By following others, you will see others begin to follow you back and check your products.

This is a good starting point for building your audience and your business online. Once you’ve built a following, the number of people you follow shouldn’t exceed the number who follows you. Also, while it’s important for you to follow others, it’s not necessary to follow everyone (but you can, if you want to).




It’s really important to consider the 4 P’s when you’re building your social media marketing strategy. And the 4 P’s are built around the following concepts


The first point to consider in the 4ps is product. This can be a tangible product, service or an idea. Some of the questions we should ask ourselves are:

  • What needs does the product serve?
  • What features does it have?
  • What’s it called?
  • What will the branding be like?
  • …and what are the competitors doing?

We must be sure what our product is going to be and how it solves the problem it was built to resolve.


The next question to ask is what the price will be for the product. What we need to consider here is the perceived value of the product, not the objective value. If the product is higher or lower than the perceived value it will not sell.


How will you get your products to your audience? When is the best time to get to your audience? Is it going to be seasonal? Which would mean a different strategy? How does your competition do their promotions and what is your specific value proposition?


Place has to do with how the product will be provided to the customer. Distribution is a key element of placement. Basically, who is your audience and how will you get to them is the question we need to ask ourselves here.


Picture clarity goes a long way to attract potential customers, to have an effective social media marketing campaign, take clear photos of the products you want to sell online, more preferably in a neat environment at different angles to show the various parts of the product. Make use of proper lightning and a good camera to achieve this.

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When uploading your product on your online business pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) always put exact description of the product and its variations. No customer would like a product and upon delivery is different from the images online. This could have a negative impact  on the online review of the store and could be bad for business. Always use exact product description and specifications.


Who doesn’t like free products? winks. Once in a while, after a good sale period, give out loyalty gifts to your customers. This could go a long way to encourage them to even invite their close friends and family to follow your business page on the various social media platforms (referrals). This is another strategy that could grow your customer base quickly and makes your business page to be active.


Having a business page for your products online is like having your entire business online, so always be professional in your engagement with customers and also have a contact detail, about us, and physical location of your store on your business page on the various social media platforms, this will give your potential customers the feeling of security and have it at the back of their mind that there is a physical location for your business and may like to drop by to pick up their products.



There is no business which operates online that is not properly branded, so to be successful with having your business online, have an attractive logo, banner, cover photo, these will have tremendous impact on your customer buying your products online. Also think out of the box, look for ways to be able to get your products to your customers with ease. You could make use of courier services which would deliver your products to the customer without them breaking a sweat, that service delivery at its best, and could be also an avenue to attract customer, who wouldn’t like to have their order delivered to their doorsteps.

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