How To Boost Traffic and Sales With Twitter

Do you want to know how to boost traffic and sales with Twitter? It’s not surprising, considering the fact that 50 percent of internet users today spend more than three hours a day online browsing through social networking sites. This makes it’s a great way of boosting your sales.

There’s just one question; of all the social networking sites, why Twitter?

Used by leaders from different parts of the planet and regular folks alike, Twitter has changed the way we interact with each other. It started with 140 characters or less, now a user can interact with over 330 million active users from different countries with just 280 characters. That’s not even the best part.

The best part is that, you can use this social media network to boost traffic to your own site and increase sales. How exactly can you do this, you ask? Relax we’re getting there.

Why You Should Use Twitter

Twitter was the brainchild of Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone, computer programmers who were inspired by Flickr. At first, it was difficult to define Twitter, the dictionary defined it as “a short burst of inconsequential information”. However, with time, Twitter evolved into what is now referred to as “micro-blogging”.

In addition to this, the number of active monthly users increased to make it one of the biggest social media platforms alongside Instagram and Facebook. These millions of users send over 6,000 tweets every second- that’s more than 500 million tweets per day. Also, Twitter users are three times more likely to follow a brand than Facebook.

How Twitter Works

Like other social media platforms, Twitter’s algorithm is ever changing. It undergoes a constant modification based on the needs of its users. Right now, there are three main sections on Twitter timeline. These are;

  • Ranked Tweets
  • In Case You Missed it
  • Other Tweets in a Reverse Chronological Order

There are three things Twitter considers before separating these categories in your feed. These include;

The Tweet

The first thing Twitter look out for here is how recent the tweet is. Is there any media card (picture and video) attached with the tweet? Finally, they check its overall engagement. This include; likes, retweets, favorites, and time spent reading it. You want to try it out? Tweet the below post.

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The Author

The categories in your feed are also based on your past relationship with the authors. Twitter checks the strength of your connection, including the origin of your relationship.

Level of Interest

This is all about the tweets you found engaging in the past. Of course they also consider how often or heavily you use the social media platform.

Based on the guidelines outlined above, it gets easier for you to set an objective and devise a strategy before sending off your tweets. Find out what your target audience wants by tracking;

  • What they are liking
  • Who they are following
  • What drives their interactions on Twitter

However, if you are joining the game late, no need to fret. You can still use boost traffic and sales with Twitter, all you have to do is follow the tips outlined below.

Tips to Help Boost Traffic and Sales with Twitter

Follow these ten tips to boost traffic and sales with Twitter.

Give Your Brand a Voice



You have to develop a distinct voice for your business that can easily be recognized by people that visit your page. It could be a smart or witty, just go with a language that you want to be associated with your brand.

Furthermore, you need to understand that not all conversations require a smiley. As such, limit the use of emoji. Check all your tweets, retweets and replies for grammatical errors before clicking the “Send” button. You don’t want your followers to catch a typo.

List Your Credentials

Standing out can be a real problem considering the number of active Twitter user. This often force businesses to ask the question of how they can distinguish their online brand from another business’ or from individuals.

Well, the best way of establishing your brand is by getting verified. That’s right, it’s that blue check-mark at the right side of your name. Another way is to list your credentials.

The list has to be subtle without being overbearing. It should include your various companies, accomplishments and endeavours. Add this to your bio along with your website. You can also create a group or forum where users can participate in lively discussions and conversations that goes beyond the social media platform.

There is just one golden rule here; respond on time.

Curate Your Contents

Don’t just tweet a cute GIF because it’s cute, that is wrong. You must curate your content. Focus on quality contents that are similar with your brand’s vision. In addition to this, you have to create a content calendar and remain current on information that is related to your industry.

Other things to ensure you have quality contents on your page include;

  • Retweet credible sources
  • Link your Blog Articles
  • Tweet Mentions to Major Sites
  • Pin a Tweet That’s Doing Well

Another method you can use to boost traffic and sales with Twitter is to promote your tweet. What exactly does this mean, you ask. As the name implies, you’ll have to pay a specified amount to get your tweets to a wider audience. Yes, it comes at a cost, however; it’s still a great way of getting your message across.

While using hashtags are great, there is just one problem with it. You risk stuffing your audience with too much information. Keep it simple. Use a distinct customer voice that is typo-free and reduce the hashtags to one or two.

It’s All About the Visuals

There are times when it’s just better to use images to get your messages across instead of words. Consider using GIFs, videos, still images and memes to maximize the impact of your posts. Analysis shows that you’ll have more impressions when you pair visual media with your latest blog posts.

You can also take advantage of this medium by using branded background images to solidify your presence on Twitter.

Partner Up with Influencers

At some point, you’ll realize that you can’t boost traffic and sales with Twitter alone, you need some help. Consider partnering up with some social media experts. These guys have an extensive reach and a community of followers that can help spread word about your brand.

So, rather than have a pushy campaign, you’ll have a promotion that appears casual and organic. It could be in the form of a simple retweet and develop into a full campaign that’ll help get a lot of attention for your brand.

Create Twitter- Specific Ads

Twitter Ads are designed to get your message directly to consumer’s feed at a specified rate. The “Promoted” icon at the corner of your computer screen will give you access to;

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends

Your followers will be able to interact with these promoted content as they can organic content. Furthermore, your followers will see your name associated with these promoted contents when you like or retweet.

Create Incentives for Engagement

What happens when you capture a follower? You have to offer them a great experience, a sort of reward for their loyalty. Consider hosting social media contests and giveaways to keep your audience engaged.

Also, you can get feedbacks by conducting polls and asking questions of your audience. Let your followers know that you trust and value their judgement and don’t be afraid to make the experience fun for yourself and for your followers.

Exchange Traffic with Your Website

You can create a cross between your Twitter account and website. Embed a “follow” button and include a timeline widget on your webpage. In addition to this, mention your website as frequently as you can in your tweets. That way, you’ll be able to direct them back to the source.

Also, list your domain name in your main biography and link back to any article that is pertaining to your website.

Maintain a Schedule

Yes, it is recommended that you post frequently. However, the smart course is to schedule a particular time of the day for your posts. This ensures that your page has a set rhythm that is easy for your followers to monitor. For example, if you post 12 noon every day, your audience will know to look out for your posts at this time.

That’s not all, you can also schedule your reposts and retweets using different marketing automations.

Analyse Your Tweets

Finally, it is important that you monitor and analyse the performance of each of your tweets and your page as a whole. Why is this of great importance, you ask? It makes you know you’re what you are doing right and wrong. That way, you can change your campaign to suit your audience.

Consider using Twitter’s Business Analytics for this. Also, there are other marketing automation that offer the same service.

Wrapping Up

It is not difficult to boost sale and traffic with Twitter. All you need to do is follow the ten tips outlined above and utilize the tools at your disposal. Remember, provide your followers with a fun, fresh and informative experience and you’ll reap the reward very quickly.

This article was written by Folorunso Kazeem Dolapo  who owns ReapNG

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