Blogging Is One Of The Most Lucrative Businesses To Start

Blogging Is One Of The Most Lucrative Businesses To Start

Blogging is a lucrative business, but some people think otherwise due to the overwhelming number of people claiming to be bloggers in our cyberspace. When I was about to launch EntMirror, I got lots of discouraging advices. Most of the people I look up to told me to give it up, that blogging has passed its prime time. A guru in the blogosphere, who I respect so much told me bluntly;

“Henry, if you don’t want to get frustrated, leave blogging.”

Seeing other bloggers auction their blogs and Adsense for sale proved a point, but I never allowed it to deter me. Despite all the discouragement, I went ahead and launched it. I found myself investing money into uncertainty. I was scared though, like I was making the biggest mistake of my life.

During my first three months, I was frustrated no doubt due to lack of views. My only source of traffic was social media and forums. Does that mean that whenever I didn’t promote my blog, there will be no views? I found myself asking. A small voice whispered to me, “I told you to give it up.”

Today, I have made over $1000 and I simply can’t believe it. I haven’t arrived yet, there are still mountains to climb, but this is prove that blogging hasn’t pass its prime time.

I saw a quote recently which said, “The best time to start a business was 10 years ago, another best time to start a business is NOW!”

I always hear ridiculous assertion such as; “Linda Ikeji is lucky because she started when no one knew about blogging.” But the truth is, there were some people who began with her, but are nowhere to be found today. What happened to them?

You see, it’s not about starting when the soil is fertile. It’s all about YOU. You determine whether you’ll make it or not. Blogging is still a lucrative business. It’s more lucrative now than ever before cause more and more people are going digital and savvy in the use of the Internet. If there’s a best time to start a blog, then it’s today.


There are so many bloggers in Nigeria who make over $1000 monthly and $50,000 yearly through blogging. I saw an earning dashboard recently and I nearly puked. I saw over $150 for a day earning. I’m yet to see a white-collar job in Nigeria that pays such.


I’m writing about how lucrative blogging is doesn’t mean you should delve in without proper preparation. I would advice you read the signs that gives you a hint not to blog. It will save you time and finance.

The first mistake most bloggers make is to venture into a niche without proper research. They are so lazy and naive. To them, blogging is about copying news and pasting on their blog. I know of one who keeps spamming my whatsapp with links despite several pleads. I later had to push the block button in other to breath again.

If you want to start a lucrative blog, discover a niche. Discover a problem that needs solving. There are hundreds and hundreds of niche that pays. It’s not all about gossip or tech. I believe that one of the reasons why EntMirror is doing well today was because of her niche. If I was into entertainment, I doubt if you’ll be on this page.

I’m sure you’re asking;

What do I need to start a lucrative blog?

Well.. You need to be able to write and the ability to optimized your post for search engine. If you’re a good writer, with a kin interest in seo, the sky will be your starting point.

Ohhh.. I forgot to tell you,


Brace yourself with this truth; you might not make a dime in your first three months. In such a case, how will you stay online? Do you have a free Wi-Fi in school or at work? If so, you’re lucky. But if your option lies on data subscription, then you need to set aside money. Even engage in other online businesses to make money like freelancing.

When I started, I was able to make it as a freelance writer. If I hadn’t, I think I would have quit if I find out that I can’t subscribe for lack of finance.


If I’m to give a blogger just one piece of advice, it will be to remain consistent and be patient. Blogging isn’t yahoo. Even yahoo requires patients.

It’s not easy to maintain consistency. I can attest to that. But with discipline and determination, it will be a piece of cake.

I had a good laugh yesterday night. I came across a post on facebook and the blogger was like;

“I have been blogging for two days now, how do I start making money? How can I connect my bank account to my blog?”

I just couldn’t hold the laughter. I laughed in such a manner that my ribs began to hurt. I think this will take us to the next segment


Creating a blog doesn’t mean you can connect your bank account and start receiving monthly alert. Far from it. You can have 10,000 views a day, but if your blog is not monetized, you won’t make a dime.

So, how do I make money from it?

Most bloggers will say Google Adsense. Well, that’s one of the means. You can also make money from sponsored post, advert placement, offering of service on your blog like blog design, video editing etc, selling your products, affiliate marketing and so many others.

Before you start thinking of how to monetize your blog, first of all make sure your traffic is reasonable enough. If not, you won’t make a dime.

In my experience, I think the more traffic you get, the more you rank higher on Alexa which can be a good indication to potential advertisers.

I have gotten lots of proposals, deals and sponsored post from people I don’t even know and at the end of the day, they pay. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual process. It’s possible only if you refuse to give up.


Do you want to start a blog? How do you want to make it happen? I’m here to dish out advice that might help you. Use the comment box.

7 Replies to “Blogging Is One Of The Most Lucrative Businesses To Start”

  1. Victor Chidera

    You really Said the Truth Sir. I just Launched My Blog on 1st January 2018… To tell you the truth sir, Is Very Frustrating, I wanted to Give up But i saw One of your Post, “Don’t Give up On your Dreams “… I will be patient to see the outcome..

    • Henry Ibeleme

      You’ll make it.. Just make sure you’re not getting anything wrong.. Keep reading and keep improving. Don’t forget to always implement what you’ve read. It’s a gradual process.

      Wishing you the best.

  2. Moses Ukanna

    You nailed it! Consistency, Money, Patience and other attributes will formulate a successful blogging career with time…

  3. joan

    a very nice one thanks. but i will like to know how to surf for information i created one but the issue is getting these info and how to improve on my blog before monitizing it.
    hope to hear from you soonest please this is my email add u can mail me our response;

    • Henry Ibeleme

      What do you want to know? Everything is on Google.

      you can type something like

      1. Beginners guide to seo wordpress
      2. How to increase blog traffic
      3. How to rank higher on Google
      4. How to write better blog post etc

      everything you want is on google.

  4. Nsyk

    I just saw this post I couldn’t pass it by. You did justice to this topic. I am hopeful people will appreciate blogging for what it is and exercise patience till they starting making money from it. Nice piece of information. Congrats.

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