How To Start A Block Industry Business In Nigeria [Detailed Guide]

How To Start A Block Industry Business In Nigeria [Detailed Guide]

Block industry have always been a lucrative business that many can’t just do without. During the great recession in Nigeria, it was as if some group of individuals where at home, printing money while some dummers were screaming of poor leadership and incompetent ministers. Well, the reason aren’t far fetched. What distinguished those that were making money from those who weren’t was knowledge.

Let me tell you a story of a man who started a block industry business and was able to rise from grass to grace. These are the kind of inspiring stories that stir me everyday into believing that anything is possible.

An entrepreneur here in Abia State, Dozieway as he’s fondly called started with absolutely nothing. He was withing the grasp of financial crisis and as thus, was unable to even finish his secondary education, talk of taking it further to tertiary level. When he dropped out from school, without taking his senior secondary school examination. his mates laughed at him and he felt downtrodden. He felt alone and for the first time in his life, he wanted to give up.

His parents were late and his uncle never cared whether he lives or not. The only thing he has in his possession was a tiny piece of land. Selling it off wasn’t an option, it’s against family tradition, so he was told. Literally, he had nothing. He dwelt in depression until finally, he decided to pull the rope. But after series of failed suicide attempt, he concluded that death was not ready to take him. He must have been too disgusted that even death despised him. Instead of waste his life complaining about how life have been so unfair, he took up a labouring job in a block industry as a mixer. Everyday, he goes home with not less than N2000. Initially, the heavy labour was tough on him, but his body system later adjusted.

In a month, he was able to set aside N40,000 as his savings. He did this for two years and when he checked back, his savings was almost a million. The block industry where he worked didn’t just help him financially, it impacted a great deal of knowledge.

On a sunny Sunday morning, he sat down, thinking about the next step to take in life. He knew that age was no longer by his side, he needs to settle down.. He brainstormed for a business idea but got none. The only feasible business in his mind was the concrete block industry business. He was constantly avoiding that idea, but it keeps popping up no matter how hard he try.

Guess what, he took it up asap. This business wasn’t strange to him. He knew all the nitty-gritty and gladly, he used it to his advantage. He was able to ready his father’s land, set up a shed, get the necessary block Industry equipment and kick off.. People who saw him knew that something was up. They watched as Dozieway from scratch, build an empire that will forever serve generations to come. Today, Dozieway doesn’t only have a block industry, he have been able to invest in other numerous goldmines and today, his wealthy while his mates are still in the university, chasing for a paper degree.

In this article, i’m going to guide you on how you too can start a block industry business and make money here in Nigeria. Sometimes, all it takes to make it in life is taking a step.



Land is part of the crucial aspect and can’t be done without. Get a land that’s close to a developing place where buildings are going on. Block industry business is in its gold stage cause everywhere you look, people seems to be building a house. When you get the land, build a structure for shade. You’ll also need to dig a well for water supply or perhaps, get two big tanks. Having more than one will be an advantage. If you’re very serious and financially buoyant, you can go ahead and dig a borehole.


Below are list of equipment you need in other to start your concrete block industry business in.

  • Vibrating Block Moulding Machine
  • Cement Block Carrier – For proper mixing of cement, sand and water.
  • Shovels
  • Head pans
  • Supply truck for delivery
  • Generator For Power supply


Without these raw materials, I doubt if this business will take place cause these are needed to build your blocks. These raw materials are very important to every block industry business.

Water Supply: Like I have already said, you’ll need to dig a deep well or perhaps, get a big tank that can reserve water. Water is very important. It’s advisable you dig a borehole, it will save cost a lot in the long run.

Cement: You need to source for a good cement that will help you produce quality blocks. 15 bags of cement can yield over 500 cement blocks. Imagine how much that will give you if per 9inch block goes for N150.

Sand: There are different types of sand, through a market research, you’ll find out the best to go for. Remember, your sand determines how durable and strong your block will be. Don’t sacrifice quality for anything. An inferior block can be very dangerous cause cases of collapsed building always go with victim(s).


You will need a block moulding machine operator. Labourers who take charge of mixing the sand with cement and water. Another worker who takes charge of carrying the block from the moulding point to the desired location. Perhaps, you can also employ a cashier who will also keep account of how many blocks that was moulded, supplied and stored. You can decide to take up this sensitive aspect.


This is needed, especially when there’s an order to supply blocks. You can buy a truck or better yet, rent. In this block industry business, buying a truck means making provisions to hire a driver too. Unless you want to take over that aspect as the owner of the business. However, this is a crucial aspect you shouldn’t overlook. Mode of transportation should be given serious thought cause virtually every order will require a delivery.


Before starting any business, a business plan is a must. Make sure you have a business plan. It’s your blueprint to success. Not having it can be very dangerous. It’s synonymous to walking to a dangerous street blindfolded.

Through a business plan, you get a detailed overview of what the business is all about. If you can’t create a business plan, you can hire a business consultant to help you with that for a token. No matter what you do, don’t start without a business plan cause they serve as a compass to success. In fact, through it, you get to know the cost of starting up a block industry business which I failed to include in this page.

Concrete Block Industry Business is a lucrative business that anyone can do in Nigeria and make money. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman. I know of a woman in Lagos who’s a millionaire today as a block industry business owner. Funny thing is, you don’t need to touch shovel or sand. You have people doing the job. All you do is supervise while the money roll in. If you do this business well, you’ll no doubt become a millionaire in two years time.

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