Before You Make That New Year Resolution – by Henry Ibeleme

Before You Make That New Year Resolution - by Henry Ibeleme

What happened to the previous New Year resolutions? Where you able to stop that addiction? Where you able to take a step toward your dream? Did you even discover your purpose in life? Or were you just chasing money and everything on skirts..? I’m not trying to make you sober right now. In fact, that’s the only feeling I don’t want to trigger. I want you to be analytic for a moment.

In recent news headlines, five world richest became N360 trillion richer in 2017. Most of your favorite celebrities bagged a lot of awards this year. A lot of people were able to establish a successful business, a feat they never dream can be achieved. There are also people who transit from being a very shy person to a person with enviable self-confidence. What did you achieve? Did you become the best in watching porn? Where you the best when it comes to watching the latest tv series or playing the latest online games? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there’s something wrong if that’s the only achievement you can boast of.

You probably must have wasted the year with the wrong friends, watching the wrong TV shows and doing the most lamest activities. Instead of working on your dream, you were working on becoming an unbeatable online E-warrior. Instead of seeking for purpose, you were snooping around already made celebrities, looking for a flaw to criticize. I’m asking you, Is that your purpose in life? Is your purpose to be a spectator or A Star? Before you make that New Year resolution, before you start crying on that altar, I want you to analyse how 2017 have been. Mediate. If you don’t, 2018 will just be another year of wasted purpose.

Do you know what people regret the most when they near their last breath in life? They don’t regret the mistakes they made or the things they did. They regret only the things they didn’t do, the dreams they didn’t pursue and the opportunities they let slip by. What will your last regret be? What were you unable to do on 2017? 2018 is a another opportunity to take a step.

I was talking to my students a while ago and I told them,

“If your purpose in life is unknown, 2018 is going to be another year of struggle. If your ultimate purpose in life is unknown, your New Year resolution is nothing but words,”

Show me a man without a mission and I will show you a frustrated being who goes where the wind blows. If you had gone through 2017 without purpose, you seriously don’t want to make that same mistake the coming year. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful black woman on earth said, “Make it your intention to serve through your life with purpose…” I can’t agree more. When you discover what you want to be, your life’s purpose, everything begin to fall in place.

2017 must have been a year where you were pursuing money from all angle, with all intensity and determination. If that is true, are you feeling happy now? Did you got the money? Money, fame, recognition and everything good lies on purpose. You’ll only become known the moment you begin to play your own verse in this universe. All you need to make a difference is to play your song, not someone else’s song. Remember, UNI means one and VERSE means song. Sing your song and money will come.

Before you make that New Year resolution, discover purpose and make sure your resolutions ties to your purpose like an anchor. Make sure that every decisions and actions are directly and indirectly tied to your ultimate purpose of existence. Life has never been an easy road, but you’ve got everything it takes to make it. When you discover purpose, make sure you walk with like minds who have the same ambition.

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