Become A Successful Yahoo Boy In Nigeria – Detailed Guide

become a yahoo boy in Nigeria So you’ve searched our cyberspace, looking for how to become a yahoo boy and make money here in Nigeria. If that is true, then you’re at the right place. I want you to relax cause this article is going to show you simple steps on how you can become a millionaire in one day. Yes! You heard me right. At the end of this article, your life will definitely not be the same. I don’t want you to rush this article.. Please take your time. If there’s a book around, bring it closer cause you might need to write some important things down.

Becoming a yahoo boy is very easy and yet, very lucrative. You don’t need to meet other selfish yahoo boy to teach you this G business. You don’t also need to meet a native doctor or a prophet.. I’m going to teach you simple ways on how you’ll start making money by scamming white people of their money.. The whole world already knows that were the king of scammers. Ooh yes! That’s no doubt the reason they respect us a lot. If you’re a slow learner, you’ll be able to make not less than N500,000 today after reading this article. Are you doubting me? If you have a bank account, you’re going to make money right away..whether you like it or not.

Now let’s go down to business. How can you become a yahoo boy and make lots of money here in Nigeria? What are the steps that you must follow? Yahoo yahoo or yahoo plus is lucrative.. Many people have built mansions. Lots of others have bought cars and Jet just by reaping from the pocket of others. I will also teach you in this article how not to get caught also.. Yes.. You don’t want a situation whereby EFCC will grab you, do you? I believe in smartness and this article will teach you that.

yahoo loot money Nigeria



Before you delve into the scam world, first ask yourself; “Why do I want to be a yahoo boy?” I’m sure what will come to your mind will be money. That’s fine. Who doesn’t want to make money? I need money as hell. In fact, I won’t mind if you give me a thank you present after reading this article. It wasn’t easy writing it down.

However, I want you to look beyond money? What other gain will you derive from scamming people of their hard-earned money? There are lots of them. Firstly, you’ll feel bad. Who cares? They will surely get over the hurt over time. You’ll also feel horrible.. That’s fine.. Happiness will also be far away from you. Do you even need happiness? Someone asked me,

“What’s the use of having millions and billions if you end up sad and alone? What use is money if you can’t sleep peacefully at night, trying to cover your tracks? What use is money if there’s no moment rest?”

To the world, these yahoo boys got no worries. But believe me, they wish they have the power to turn back time. They wish they can redo what they have done. Sadly, going back is almost impossible. Once you’ve join, there’s no going back. The cries of those you scam will haunt you till grave.. Yes, I know that cause I’ve meet lots of people into this scam business, through this blog. Funny enough, their aim was to convert me.

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As a yahoo boy, you begin to see death just foots away. Why is that you might ask.. I have been with lots of people into this business in life and sincerely, they are in hell here on earth. The burden of worry is so much that the only way to feel human is taking lots of drugs and alcohol. Most of them use money as bed sheets.. Some lavish them on women, cars, cloths, gold chain.. Just to feel an atom of happiness and yet, they can’t.. With such an extravagant and undisciplined lifestyle, death keeps drawing nearer and nearer like a thief in the night.

If you’re to take the place of a yahoo boy just for a day, you might end up committing suicide before the day is over despite all the money at your disposal. The kind of depression you’ll pass through is better imagined. You might think that having no money is depressing. Until you walk a day in the shoe of a yahoo boy, that’s when you’ll know that what’s keeping them sane is drugs, alcohol and women. That’s when you’ll know that depression have different levels and degrees.


When you’ve made so much money, your parents and the people around you will surely ask about the source of your wealth. In that case, lying becomes inevitable. In fact, lying will become your second name. The worst part is; the more you lie, the more you have to lie to cover your lies. You better be ready to remember your lies to avoid contradicting yourself in the future.

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A wise man once said; a good liar is one with a good memory

So, before you become a yahoo boy, you might need to enroll in an institution that trains you on how to become a professional liar. Lying isn’t the problem, the problem is being able to remember them.


Yahoo boys are usually known by their extravagant lifestyles. You see them with lots of friends and girls. You see them with the latest cars, gold chains and phones. If you’re on social media, their flaunting is enough to send you on a bank robbery.

Actually, you’ll be stunned to know that their life is directly opposite to what they display online. They are only trying to feel better by making you wish you were like them. However, every night, they feel like giving everything up. They are intelligent and emotional. That’s even an attribute that has made their life more miserable.

Before you become a yahoo boy, especially here in Nigeria, get ready to feel the ugly grasp of loneliness. Walking with lots of friends isn’t company.. It’s working with people who you can share anything with. Yahoo boys can’t and that’s no doubt why they feel lonely all the time despite the numerous friends around.


You heard me right. What could be more divine than sleeping peacefully like a new-born baby in a bed despite not having a dime? Apart from happiness, money cannot buy a peaceful sleep. Before you become a yahoo boy, prepare yourself cause you’ll going to be hit by a serious insomnia. You’ll find it hard to sleep no matter how much you force yourself. I would rather be poor my whole life than not sleep like a baby. Yes! Money must be made, but I don’t joke with my sleep. I know I’m lazy, you don’t even need to tell me. If you can afford not to sleep for days, weeks, months and years, then go ahead and become a yahoo boy.

make money scamming people in Nigeria


Have you heard someone say that nothing is easy in this world? That person is absolutely right. I’m yet to see something that’s easy. Yahoo or perhaps, scamming people is not easy. It deals with lots of tricks, cover ups, technicalities, brainwashing, finance, deception, lying and hard work. In fact, doing all these isn’t a guarantee that you’ll hit money immediately. To up your game, you might even need to work with a team. Young men or women who will stay in a room all day facing their laptops. This is business and it requires everything a business requires to succeed. In fact, yahoo business is harder than legitimate businesses.

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yahoo boys with their laptops
yahoo boys with their laptops


Why become a yahoo boy when there are lots of legitimate and easy business that can make you lots of money here in Nigeria? Why choose torment over joy all in the name of making money? Honestly, it takes more skills to succeed as a yahoo boy than it takes to start-up a lucrative legitimate business here in Nigeria.

I can remember when i had no laptop. That time, having a laptop was a big deal that I end up day dreaming about it for years. When it finally come, I end up tired. I was like; is that it? That’s how you’ll feel when you finally get that millions you’re carving for. It will be worst when that money was gotten in an illegitimate way. That’s also when you’ll understand that money doesn’t worth sacrificing unreasonably. You don’t have to sacrifice your joy, happiness, family, health and security just because of a fiat money.

One of the core purpose of starting this blog was to help you start your own business. I have helped lots of people start theirs.. I can also help you.. Whether your passion lies online or offline, the truth is that I can help. You don’t need to become a yahoo boy to make it in life. All you need is knowledge. Knowledge is power!


Sorry for failing to teach you how to become a yahoo boy and make millions. I’m so sorry, but it’s for your good. I know that things are hard in the country. I know that you haven’t eaten today.. I also know that you’ve lots of responsibilities on your shoulder. But that is still not an excuse to trade your happiness for something that doesn’t worth it at all. There comes a time in a man’s life where all that is left is hope. In such case, don’t allow it to elude you. Hold on to it.. Fight for a better tomorrow. You’ll surely come to this blog to give your testimony. Take a look at some legitimate businesses you can do instead.


11 Replies to “Become A Successful Yahoo Boy In Nigeria – Detailed Guide”

  1. NaijaNoGood

    You are fool sha, after writing this article, you should tell the youth how to make legit money that is easy.

    Ole like you fuck your blog

  2. Truth zombie

    My heart sincerely skipped when I saw the notification for this post with the title. All that was going through my mind was what could possibly have gone wrong with entmirror that he would Preach such vile money making means. I instantly began to read and I could feel my disappointment growing. Like many other Nigerians I wanted to jump the whole read and get to where I would comment about how wrong you are, but I couldn’t take away that feeling in my gut that kept telling me that there was no way in heaven that you would be teaching fraud. I’m happy with how the article turned out. It was a happy relief, and congratulations to preaching the right message in your usual beautiful literal style

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Ahhhhhh.. Thank God you were able to read it all without commentiing, I would have seen hell if you didn’t Hahaha..

      Before I set out to write this article, I knew that my regular readers will be in a state of unbelief. Even the way I started, like I was really going to teach you yahoo yahoo.. Hehehe

      Anyway, I was targeting those that have been searching on Google how to become a yahoo boy.. You know, someone who doesn’t know this blog won’t feel the way you felt. They will relax, devoring information until they struck something..

      Some will get the message, others whose mind cannot be change will no doubt end up angry. Anyway, the message have been passed.

      Thanks for being here Truthzombie.

        • Henry Ibeleme

          You misunderstood my intention Skillzz.. Not really about the traffic.. I knew that lots of people were searching on Google on how to be a yahoo boy. I had to write this, to save their life. To stop them from taking a step that will haunt them forever.

          Thanks for being here.

  3. William

    lol I knew it was too good to be true when I saw the headline. no real G boy shares secrets so easily. You have to learn it one on one

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hi William. There’s nothing like secrecy in this. Perhaps I will write another post that exposes how they work. It’s all about skills and mind games. That’s why only those who are greedy and emotionally vulnerable are potential preys.

      Thanks for being here.

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Thanks for complimenting the write up. You’re right, I can’t change the mind of everyone with this write up, but I know some will be saved by it. This blog wasn’t created to fit the status quo, it’s mainly for positive impact and honestly, I’m seeing the results already.

      Lots of people have threaten me because of this write up, while some have commend me. It’s evident that I can’t please everyone. Jesus Christ couldn’t.

      Thanks for being here..

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