In 5 Years, I’m Going To Be A Millionaire – Henry Ibeleme

We need more problem solvers, not problem creators. We need more flexibility, not the rigidity that comes with being an employee. What am i saying? We need more entrepreneurs cause they are the hub of every flourishing economy.

Being rich is not a rocky or spokey road, it’s actually the easiest and most adventurous path you’ll cherished to have trend upon. But what most people who dwell in poverty don’t understand is the real concept behind wealth, how it can be created, sustained and multipled. In this path of mine, the law of Rinse And Repeat is my most ideal model.

How can I actually become a millionaire with this model? It’s simple. Start with the mindset to serve the people and make impact. Repeat that process over and over again until you hit the gold. My mentor called this the ultimate key to wealth and I couldn’t agree less.

Why people are poor is because they want to make money, they are so engrossed with that passion that money itself get scared away. While you’re busy chasing money like a dauntless lion, someone is somewhere making mind boggling figures just by serving the people and living the life of his dream. Is he just too lucky? I beg to disagree. He has actually discovered the KEY TO WEALTH. Luck has no role here.

I have an immense amount of interest in agriculture, real estate, oil, the internet… In fact, I have virtually interest in all spheres of the business world. Each of these aspects have the potential to emanate billions of dollars; literally speaking. The internet alone has made the laziest of all lazy folks millionaires. The internet god, Google, makes millions of dollars every sec. They earn that by serving the people.

Dangote became African richest by producing products the masses need. Bill Gates, one of the world richest man reached that status by creating softwares that is most sought in this technological age, Microsoft. What about Mark Zuckerberg? He is currently 3rd richest in the world because he discovered a way to make the world more connected through facebook.

The key to your wealth are the people, that common man on the street. Those market women.. Those unemployed youth. That young man or woman you see everyday. If you can discover how to serve them, how to solve their problem, you have discovered how to be a millionaire in 5 Years.

We need more problem solvers, not problem creators. We need more flexibility, not the rigidity that comes with being an employee. What am i saying? We need more entrepreneurs cause they are the hub of every flourishing economy.Click To Tweet

The school system will not teach you how to be wealthy in 5 Years, but they will teach you how to be a slave for 40 years for a guaranteed paycheck, free medical and job security. They want you to choose the easy road, the risk free road. By avoiding risk, you shut yourself out of limitless possibilities, living in mediocrity and blaming luck, fate or God for your misfortune. To a high extent, school failed me like many others like me out there.

What am I going to do in other to attain the rank of millionaires in 5 Years? Well, that’s my little secret. You too can have yours. All you need is to discover yours, and then apply the law of Rinse and Repeat.

There are millions of ways to being a millionaire, it’s not a one lane road. But why people don’t become rich is when they fail to rinse and repeat that business model. When they refuse to create multiple streams of income. When they fail to expand..

One glaring difference between the rich and the poor is this: A poor man has one stream of income, a rich man has multiples of them. Which one do you want to belong to?

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6 Replies to “In 5 Years, I’m Going To Be A Millionaire – Henry Ibeleme”

  1. oluwaseun

    i love this piece bro “what do u ‘av in your mind that will make you a billionaire in the next 5 years?,please tell me,you know we’re friends,thanks in advance

  2. oluwaseun

    hi,Henry talking about”serve the people and make impact,repeat the process over and over again” at the cause of serving the people,do you serve the people for free?

    • Henry Ibeleme

      Hello Oluwaseun,

      When it come to serving the people, we talk about solving the problem of the people. It’s not free.. They pay you in return for the help rendered.

      A real estate tycoon for an example wants to build residential houses in other to keep the homeless off the street. By doing that, he’s trying to serve the people and also help the government.

      Because of that, the government can offer loan at low interest, no tax and at the end of the day, the people pay for your service rendered.

      That’s why the rich get richer.. They discover a problem, and bring a solution to it. Discover yours!

  3. Charles Kay

    Becoming a millionaire is easier said than done. You talked of serving the people, but how do you serve them if you don’t have the means. To become a millionaire, one needs a mix of skills, funds, ideas and yes, luck.
    I wish everyone all the best in the quest.

  4. oluwaseun

    to make a difference,to serve the people something new and different is needed,that’s when we talk about invention,innovation.

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